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Fintech study: Banking apps are sagging, trading apps are growing by 140 percent

The use of banking apps has increased, but downloads have not.Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

The corona crisis quickly called the digital prophets on the scene. Her prognosis came quickly – and it was clear: In the future, people would do their business online, regardless of whether they were buying clothes or investing. In some industries, the prediction came true, for example sales in online retailing rose.

The situation of the fintech scene, on the other hand, is more complex, as a detailed survey by the Berlin adtech company Adjust and Apptopia shows. Accordingly, the downloads of banking apps fell contrary to expectations in the first half of the year. The thesis that customers would now increasingly turn to banking on their smartphones cannot be upheld. Paid apps were also hardly downloaded more frequently than in the previous year.

How can this be explained? Are there still positive signals? And have at least the hyped trading apps benefited? That’s what Finance Forward, the finance portal of OMR and, is all about today. You can register for the daily newsletter here.


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