Event industry is losing confidence

Tightened measures, no profitable alternatives, lack of confidence among visitors and exhibitors and support that is not sufficient; entrepreneurs in the corporate event industry are losing confidence in the future. More than half are depressed about their company and a quarter are uncertain.

The events industry came to a complete standstill at the beginning of March due to the corona crisis

Due to the corona crisis, the events industry came to a complete standstill at the beginning of March and although the industry is trying hard to keep afloat with online and hybrid events, temporarily performing other activities, reorganizing and cost-saving measures and protocols for safe meetings, the results of the poll of the Event platform is downright sad.

“As an industry, we have been in talks with the government for some time about additional support measures for the events industry. The results of this are vital for tens of thousands of companies, employees and freelancers in the industry. There is a 3rd support package, but if we want to continue to exist as an industry, prevent even greater job loss and thus loss of knowledge and innovative strength, there must now be clarity, “said Riemer Rijpkema, spokesperson on behalf of the Event platform.

These are healthy companies that simply have a right to exist after the corona crisis

80% loss of sales

The expected revenue for 2020 was 5.2 billion. With an average revenue loss of 80% from March, just over 1 billion remains. About 21% of the turnover that entrepreneurs still expect to realize in the 4th quarter comes from activities other than regular activities; secondment of personnel, (interior) construction, services in the funeral sector, production of COVID related products, consultancy and advisory work, education, transport services and relocations. But entering new markets takes time and it will not be profitable for the time being, according to the platform.


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