Tesla share: Analysts expect share price plunge

Tesla’s figures did not save the share of the US electric car maker from significant price losses yesterday. In the third quarter, deliveries at Tesla rose by 43.3 percent to 139,300 units. In terms of production, there is an increase of 50.8 percent to 145,036 vehicles. All in all, the stock exchange has drawn little positive aspects from this, on the basis of the closing price, Tesla’s share price fell yesterday on the NASDAQ by more than 7 percent to 415.09 dollars and thus went out of trading at the daily low.

Various analyst firms expect the Tesla share to plummet in the near future. On the one hand, Bernstein, who see the price target for the share certificate at $ 180 and rate it as “underperform”. The stock analysts point out that Tesla with a delivery number of 124,000 copies of the models 3 and Y remained well below the existing capacities of at least 150,000 vehicles. This could either be based on insufficient demand or indicate problems in production.

According to the analysts at Nord LB, the price losses for the Tesla share should be even more pronounced. The analysts stick to their sell recommendation for the shares of Tesla. The price target increases from $ 130 to $ 140. Although the Tesla price has come back a bit, the analysts still see the share as being significantly too high. You are worth almost as much as any car manufacturer in the world. That seems excessive. The PER 2021e is 321. A few days ago, Tesla held the much-anticipated Battery Day. There it is made clear that a fully autonomous electric car for $ 25,000 will be brought onto the market by 2023. The stock experts think this plan is realistic. However, such a car is likely to incur high losses. So far, Tesla has not proven that you can make money from building cars. The profit comes only through the “regulatory credits”. Without them, Tesla would be in the red.

With a price target of $ 290 for Tesla shares, the price slide would not be quite as pronounced – RBC sees this target for the share price of Elon Musk’s electric car company. Tesla’s share is rated “underperform”. The delivery figures are worse than the analysts expected, even though Tesla exceeded its own forecast. The stock experts point out that the company’s production capacities are underutilized and that Tesla is still expanding. In addition, the experts warn of a worse than expected sales development in Europe.


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