Retailers and thrift shops in action for extra collection of electricity

In the Jekko, of which a million are now found in Dutch households, small discarded electrical appliances, lamps and batteries lying around at home can be collected.

Although the Wecycle collection organization collected 40 million kilos of small e-waste and had it recycled in 2019, research shows that consumers are still often unable to properly organize separate collection at home. As a result, a lot of small e-waste remains lying around, which eventually, often through ignorance or carelessness, disappears in the gray bin.

‘And that is bad for the environment and a missed opportunity to eventually recover usable raw materials through recycling’, says Wecycle director Jan Vlak, ‘The Jekko collection box, of which more than a million can now be found in Dutch households, helps consumers and increases the chance that small e-waste will also find the right way to recycling. By joining forces with Blokker, BCC, and various thrift stores, we want to work with these large retailers to give an extra boost to the collection of that large invisible mountain of e-waste that is at home somewhere in the attic, in a shed or storage room. or lying around in a drawer. ‘

Special Jekko AR game to stimulate use
In October, free Jekko collection boxes will be available through Blokker, BCC, and various thrift stores. As long as stocks last, in retail jargon ‘gone = gone’. Blokker, BCC and thrift shops have an action display and customers receive a free Jekko upon delivery of a large device via Dynalogic or PostNL.

The Jekko is supplied as a kit. To encourage the assembly and ultimate use of the Jekko, customers receive an action wrap or card with a QR code with which, only in combination with a Jekko, a free Jekko AR game (augmented reality – ed.) Can be played. According to the initiators, customers also have a chance of winning a nice prize by testing the Jekko.

2nd National Recycle Week
The collaboration between Wecycle and the participating retail partners is part of the second national National Recycle Week, which runs from 12 to 18 October 2020. Wecycle is carrying out this Jekko campaign on behalf of the LightRec Netherlands Foundation. The National Recycle Week and all the campaigns that take place at that time aim to encourage more and more people to always hand in all their e-waste separately. By doing this instead of just throwing it away, raw materials are preserved and harmful substances do not end up in the environment.

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About Wecycle
‘Wecycle directs the collection and recycling of discarded electrical appliances and energy-efficient lamps, in short e-waste. Consumers and professionals can hand in e-waste free of charge via our national collection network of 13,000 points. Together with our collection, sorting and recycling partners, we contribute to the circular economy on a daily basis. We do this for more than 2,000 manufacturers and importers of electrical appliances and energy-efficient lamps on behalf of six producer organizations: the Fiar Foundation, the ICT Milieu Foundation, the LightRec Netherlands Foundation, the Metalektro Recycling Foundation, the Electric Tools Removal Foundation and the Witgoed Foundation. In 2019, we collected and recycled 116.2 million kilos of e-waste with a recovery rate of 95 percent. This has avoided CO2 emissions of 382 million kilos. ‘

(source: Wecycle)


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