Kipster develops vegan egg: Veggs

It’s a long way to mimic the unparalleled mouthfeel of a scrambled egg with plant-based ingredients, the makers report. ‘To get to where the vegan egg is now, Kipster is working with food technologists from Top BV, students from Wageningen University, top chefs and many other parties, including Flevo Campus.’

Ruud Zanders, co-initiator: ‘We do the same in the laboratory as we do on our farm. We have vegetable raw materials and we turn them into an egg. At the farm, we put those raw materials in a chicken. In the kitchen of the lab we put it in a cauldron. For “Veggs” no animal needs to be exploited and if in the future we can manage to provide our food with far fewer animals, up to perhaps no animals. with Veggs we still have the option of a delicious scrambled egg at breakfast ‘

Animal Day 2021
The vegetable egg has now been placed in the laboratory, according to Zanders. Refining, scaling up and building a production facility, the Vegan Farm, are the next steps. Kipster aims to have Veggs on supermarket shelves in a year’s time. On Animal Day 2021, the Netherlands can have breakfast with scrambled eggs that do not require chicken. ‘

See also the movie in the window below.

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