How do you build an online marketplace?

They bundled all their experiences with 15 years of online marketplaces in the book “Build a Successful Online Marketplace”.

The authors of the book are, as they call it, “obsessed” with online marketplaces. “What is so great about marketplaces is that they bring buyers and suppliers together, which can create a suction effect; where there is supply, demand comes naturally and vice versa, “said Wout Withagen (left in photo above), author of the book and director of digital agency Freshheads. “That sounds ideal, but such an effect does not come naturally.”

The two entrepreneurs bundled all the lessons, successes and failures from over fifteen years of online marketplaces in the book

Withagen and Gielen (right on photo) should know. They have been involved in the development and launch of numerous marketplace concepts for fifteen years, including for, Centraal Beheer and NLvoorelkaar. It all started in 2005, when they founded Werkspot, one of the first Dutch marketplaces that brought together supply and demand for work. Gielen: “After years of struggling to convince the Netherlands of this new model, Werkspot eventually became a success. That was an educational process in which we regularly wanted to throw in the towel, but where we mainly experienced what works and what doesn’t. “

The two entrepreneurs bundled all the lessons, successes and failures of over fifteen years of online market places in the book. It is primarily a practical book that takes entrepreneurs with a marketplace idea step by step to bring their idea to life. Withagen: “We often see things go wrong in the realization of marketplaces. For example, the focus is too much on the software or entrepreneurs forget to validate their idea with the target group before they start building. Often tons of money have already been invested in the wrong things. A shame, because at the same time we see that there is still plenty of room in the market for new marketplace players, especially in niches. “The aim of the book is therefore to help entrepreneurs on the right track and to increase the chance of success.

The book can be ordered for € 32.90 through well-known (online) bookstores.

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