Voltabox share: A very dreary situation … – Chart analysis

The future of Voltabox is still open – and that puts a huge strain on the share. For weeks, the share price was able to hold above a technical chart support level at EUR 3.06 / EUR 3.11 before it fell below this level on Wednesday. Huge new downward momentum has not yet been built up, as the daily lows between EUR 2.755 and EUR 2.805 show since Wednesday. At the same time, however, the Voltabox share never succeeded in a rebreak above the technical chart below the signal mark. With daily highs on Thursday at 2.995 euros and 3.02 euros on Friday, there have not even been any serious attempts to overcome the zone that has become a technical chart hurdle since the break day.

The situation remains difficult for the Voltabox share: The sale by the parent company paragon is pending. This should actually be completed in the third quarter, but Delbrück had to say goodbye to this forecast some time ago. For both stocks, Voltabox and paragon, the situation is a block on the leg – the end is open.

In addition, the Voltabox share has an intact overall downward movement, which was confirmed by the latest technical sell signal. If the share price cannot counter this in the short term, it will be a matter of time before there are additional bearish impulses for the Voltabox share price at EUR 2.755 / EUR 2.805. Without a rebreak above 3.06 / 3.11 euros, the technical situation here remains dreary like a gray autumn day.


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