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Donald Trump’s contamination appears to have produced sufficient psychological effect to pull the US Congress out of the partisan deadlock. Nancy Pelosi’s latest statements strongly suggest that a second check for $ 1,200 is on the way for every American. A check that could well be paid in the form of “cryptocurrency”. Finally… let’s say rather in the form of “Digital Dollar”…

Helicopter currency

The FED has been working for several years on “modernizing its payment system”. An “instant” payment system that is about to transform into “Digital Dollar“…

Loretta Mester (FED) said at the end of September that it wanted to be able to send money to every American in a way instant, even to those who do not have a bank account

“The pandemic has highlighted the need to ensure that, during a crisis, payments can be made quickly and for everyone: those who have a bank account and those who do not. ”

Loretta Mester

These statements are crystal clear and mean that the Fed is preparing to bypass the banks. Americans will soon be able to receive free money in an account opened directly with the FED.

Better yet, it looks like the big idea is to distribute this money via a “Digital Dollar”. Loretta Mester thus indicates towards the end of her speech that:

” […] the pandemic spawned an idea that was already gaining increased attention in central banks around the world, namely central bank digital currency (CBDC). A bill has already been proposed that every American have an account with the Fed into which these digital dollars can be deposited. “

The legislation Mester is referring to relates to the first check for $ 1,200 sent by the Trump administration earlier this year. The American deputies then proposed that the payment of this check be in the form of Digital Dollar. The proposal was not passed, probably because the Digital Dollar was not yet ready.

But things are moving fast since theBoston Fed announced a partnership with MIT in mid-August (Massachusset Institute of Technology) to set up this “CBDC” which obviously has nothing to do with a real cryptocurrency. #Bitcoin

All the clues point in the same direction. The goal of the CBDC is no longer so much to make cash disappear, as Christine Lagarde recently conceded, but rather to prepare for free distribution of money to every citizen.

Christine Lagarde supports the digital euro
“The Euro belongs to Europeans and we are its guardian. We should be prepared to issue a digital euro, if necessary. ” 02/10/20

The governor of the ECB Fabio Panetta in fact declared this Friday in a forum that ” be ready to issue a digital euro “. The governor also revealed that the ECB would “experiment over the next few months in order to be able to decide, in full knowledge of the facts, the possible launch of a digital euro. “

It should be noted in passing that two former members of the FED also sold the wick to Bloomberg’s microphone in early August. Simon Potter and Julia Coronado proposed that the FED issue “Recession Insurance bonds “.

“Congress would give the Federal Reserve an additional tool to provide support – an amount equivalent to a percentage of GDP […] – to households in the event of an economic recession ”. […] Economist Claudia Sham has proposed that the FED can send this money digitally, directly to a smartphone application, each time the unemployment rate increases by 0.5 %. “

Julia Colorado, ex FED

In short, this money will not have to be refunded. It will therefore remain in the economy forever and will not increase government debt. That’s a big difference from the first check for $ 1,200 that widened the government’s deficit.

Magic money, QE, negative rates, inflation

We are truly on the eve of a monetary paradigm shift. The Fed admits without saying that its monetary policy is a failure. The trillions of quantitative easing (QE) of central banks are not found in the real economy.

All this money is not reaching the pockets of the people, where it would help revive the economy. These trillions are mainly used to generate an indecent rise in the prices of financial assets. And especially stock market shares


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

Indeed, the FED and the ECB, in the hope of restarting the economy devastated by the 2008 crisis, bought all kinds of financial assets (QE). State debts, corporate debts, MBS (packages of real estate loans combined into a single financial asset) etc. The goal was, to use the words of Janet Yellen, former president of the FED, to generate a “wealth effect“. That is to say to trust the “Economic runoff”. In other words, wait for the rich, once richer, to finally spend their supposedly dripping money to the “base”.

Lost, it seems that the Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Bernard Arnault et al. do not intend to sell their shares to buy 1,000,000 baguettes of bread. Who would’ve believed that…

On the other hand, although banks may have ample liquidity thanks to QE, you don’t make a donkey drink that isn’t thirsty ! The population is already massively in debt. The modern banking system is currently exploring its limits. The common man, unlike the state, cannot widen his deficit and roll over his debt as if nothing had happened …

We are still at the point where the ECB imposes negative rates on private banks. This is to force them to lend QE money to the real economy. But once again, we do not drink… Worse, the banks are now threatening to pass this negative rate on to their customers. Bad luck for them, we still have banknotes so the banks are exposed to massive withdrawals if they cross the red line.

The alternative to QE as well as negative rates is therefore to scatter free money to boost demand. It’s a kind of universal income. It also looks a bit like the Modern Monetary Theory (Modern Monetary Theory) which proposes that the state itself prints the money it needs, without incurring debt, and that inflationary spillovers be curbed by raising taxes. These allow you to drain the excess money and make it disappear.

Magic money is central banks’ latest tool to prevent the debt bubble from bursting. It will allow them to write off the debt through inflation. Which is connected with the fact that the Fed recently abandoned its inflation target (less than 2% per year) and that the ECB is preparing for it too …

Inflation wipes out debt because when prices go up (and therefore GDP too), the state increases its tax collection. This thanks to the VAT which is a fixed rate on everything that is sold. Yes, VAT is by far the primary source of government revenue.

The increase in prices would also allow central banks to raise interest rates. And therefore to revive the business of usury, the raison d’être of banks … A smooth plan. Finally, that would be forgetting Bitcoin a bit quickly …

The second wave of Bitcoin

A harmonious distribution of money for each citizen is by far the best way to generate this inflation so important to avoid default on the debt. The taboo is fading over this QE which only serves to enrich billionaires. In France, the fortune of our 25 billionaires has increased by 255 billion since the beginning of the yeare. That would represent more than 4000 euros per French if the money from the ECB had not landed in the stock market casino …

Monetary inflation is not a problem if the money is distributed in such a way homogeneous. The only problem is that those who have saved hard can see the purchasing power of their economies is eroding. This is why it is imperative to invest your savings in a currency that cannot be devalued.

Gold or Bitcoin are the perfect contenders because they cannot be duplicated. There is only 190,000 tons of gold on the surface of the globe and only 21 million Bitcoins. This irrevocable scarcity is the guarantee that their purchasing power will be maintained over time, unlike your PEL.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

Let it be said, when debt becomes unsustainable, currency devaluation follows. The second wave of Bitcoin will be a tsunami …

Bitcoin price chart

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