Forbes Ranking These are the richest Indians

At the end of the colonial era, India was one of the poorest countries in the world. Even in 2004, Forbes only had nine Indian dollar billionaires. Just three years later, thanks to a boom on the stock exchanges and the real estate market, things were looking very different.

Just in time for the 60th anniversary of independence, the subcontinent celebrated a milestone. He lapped Japan for the first time in the “Forbes” country ranking and thus rose to become the super-rich stronghold of Asia. At the time, the business magazine listed 36 Indians with a ten-digit US dollar fortune. Their total assets were $ 191 billion.

The rapid rise of at least the upper class of India has continued. In the current Forbes ranking, the giant nation has 102 billionaires with combined assets of just under 313 billion US dollars.

However, other newcomers have now left India behind. In 2007 the subcontinent came in second behind the USA in the “Forbes” country ranking. In 2020, India was already three countries ahead of India: the USA (614 billionaires), China (389) and Germany (107). However, with 99 billionaires, Russia had to line up behind India.

These are the ten richest people in India


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