FCR Immobilien announces further acquisitions

In the first half of the year, FCR Immobilien acquired ten properties; a year earlier, the number of properties acquired was nine at this point in time. As in the previous year, FCR sold three properties.

Board member Falk Raudies comments on these figures to our editorial team: “Without Corona, even more would have been possible here, because the ten purchases made all come from the first quarter. However, we were restricted for several weeks in the viewing options for purchases and sales of objects, as buyers and sellers did not agree on appointments due to the potential risk of infection. The transaction business has picked up significantly again since the beginning of July. “

According to Raudies, the market environment has largely normalized again. He therefore assumes that FCR Immobilien will acquire another eight to ten properties by the end of the year. Raudies: “Despite Corona we would have approx. 18 to 20 purchases in 2020, a value that is impressive. Our more precise forecast shows that we are back on track. For the second half of 2020 we are assuming a significant increase in earnings compared to the first half of the year. “

Raudies confirms the previous forecast for the year as a whole. A pre-tax profit of 11.1 million euros is expected (previous year: 11.9 million euros). The pandemic therefore prevents a higher result.


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