TUI share: Despite new billions – something is missing here! – Chart analysis

New billion-dollar support from the federal government for the TUI group allowed the TUI share to climb yesterday. But so far there can be no talk of a technical exemption. At its peak, the share price of the travel group reached 3.27 euros yesterday and at 3.24 euros (+5.61 percent) it was noticeably recovered from trading. With current indications on Thursday morning at 3.18 / 3.25 euros, nothing new is happening in terms of chart technology for the FTSE-250-listed share.

A glance at the TUI share chart shows that the stock has to continue fighting for the first small buy signals. Great momentum came yesterday despite the price gain and the TUI: More crisis funds from the state – share missed buy signals not up, the turnover in the TUI share remained weak. The share price has currently stabilized above small technical chart hurdles, which range around and below 3.16 / 3.20 euros. But just looking at the indications this morning shows that the break is not guaranteed. In addition, if TUI’s share price can move upwards, minor follow-up obstacles would have to be expected between 3.26 / 3.27 euros and 3.34 euros, which the paper did not make any progress on yesterday.

Further buy signals here mean positive bullish impulses for TUI’s share price. The first strong and important obstacles can be found at 3.90 / 4.07 euros. On the other hand, a slide back below yesterday’s low of 3.001 euros could hit the TUI share and destroy any opportunities for a trend reversal. Nearby are the crash lows of the TUI share from this “Corona year” between EUR 2.73 / EUR 2.88 and EUR 2.42, which represent strong support zones that could then become price targets.


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