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In the blockchain games industry, there are several studios that were present from the start of the ERC-721. One of them, 0xGames, known to have developed the games 0xUniverse, 0xWarriors or 0xRacers is forced to close its doors for lack of funding to continue the adventure.


0xGames, pioneer of Ethereum blockchain games

When in 2018 0xUniverse was released for the Ethereum community, the excitement was at its peak. It was very soon after the colossal drop in prices and it was clear that new blockchain users had a real need to relax.

The concept of the game was relatively simple, send his ship to conquer a planet, wait for it to produce the necessary resources to build a bigger ship. This new ship could conquer space looking for planets with other types of resources … and eventually it was possible to exchange its planets for Ethereum.


Faced with this success, the studio began to develop another game, 0xWarrior, with a more ambitious goal: to use multiple blockchains. It is 2019, the Ethereum community is very excited with the arrival of several games on the blockchain and 0xUniverse is receiving many updates as well as a community that continues to grow.

A fatal chain of difficulties

Faced with this success, the studio released 0xWarriors on time and received very good reviews. Available on mobile, the game is very easy to play and the communities of EOS and TRON are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this game on their blockchain to be able to trade its assets.


Except that not everything went as planned. First of all, the EOSIO team showed very little sign of life to ensure its support for the game. Development was slowed down but 0xGames thought it could count on the financial support of TRON Arcade. of $ 100M.

But TRON’s promises to inject funding and actively participate in marketing have not been kept. The team at 0xGames today do not hesitate to openly label them a con artist.


0xWarriors game

To complete the series of bad news, the historical investors in the project who regularly injected money abandoned the project at the end of 2019. According to 0xGames, this is due in particular to the stagnation of the number of players as well as the lack of visibility they were hoping for through social media advertising.

Abandonment and autonomy

The year 2020 therefore began with debts for the team who decided to focus on access to blockchain games made easier thanks to 0xFramwork. The fatal blow came in May with the Ethereum blockchain congestion crippling players unwilling to pay exorbitant fees.


Although they tried to anticipate that this would happen by wanting to bridge the sidechain MATIC, the latter’s migration delays only made the situation worse.

Faced with these difficulties, the studio now has no choice but to go out of business. They therefore stopped the development of 0xWarrior as well as 0xRacers, leaving the first buyers with unusable NFTs.

There are only 0xUniverse that will continue to run “stand-alone” but will no longer benefit from any updates. The different costs of the game will help maintain the operating costs of the servers.


While waiting for new investors to decide to support the studio, this is the end of the story for this studio, which has nevertheless significantly participated in the adoption of blockchain games!

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