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In the world of work, the phrase is often quoted: “You always see each other twice.” There are some industries and rank levels in which it actually often proves to be true. The old one is the new boss or a strategically extremely important business partner. Then it is important to be fondly remembered. 4 tips for the correct finish.

# 1 Don’t speak to the manager in person

Don’t just send a letter to Human Resources, but ask your manager for an interview. It’s best to do the whole thing with a little lead time and take the boss into your confidence before the actual act of resigning. In this way, you give the company the opportunity to prepare and to take care of a new position at an early stage. Explain your motives to the supervisor objectively and do not appear dissatisfied. Rather, emphasize the chances of the new job.

# 2 The big reckoning

Even if you leave because you think your boss is a disrespectful choleric, accuse the entire management team of incompetence and the chemistry between you and most of your colleagues has never been right. Keep all of this to yourself on the last day. An exit with allegations appears frustrated and unprofessional. And hang on negatively longer than you yourself enjoy the brief feeling of satisfaction.

# 3 Go without handing over

Complete ongoing projects if possible. Offer to train your successor. Share important contacts or information about the job. Make your job as committed as ever to the end – even if that requires additional overtime if necessary. It is absolutely taboo to take sick leave after you have given notice.

# 4 Refrain from a walkout

Invite colleagues and the executive suite to a drink or something similar on the last working day. Make sure to do this after work and don’t pop the champagne corks at 3 p.m. Thank everyone for the good cooperation, chat about what we have achieved together and celebrate a feeling of togetherness again.


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