New evidence of petrol manipulation at Porsche

Has Porsche tricked in order to improve its emission values? According to a media report, the sports car manufacturer is said to have converted test cars with the so-called gear trick to reduce the car’s CO2 emissions.

In the emissions scandal, according to a report at the sports car manufacturer Porsche, the indications of tampering with gasoline vehicles are also increasing. Internal investigations confirmed the suspicion that gasoline-powered vehicles had been tricked in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions during tests, reported the magazine “Business Insider”.

Accordingly, employees confirmed to the in-house revision department that Porsche had used special gears in the transmission of test vehicles – different from those used in series production. This could have resulted in emissions tests showing lower fuel consumption than ultimately on the road, it said.

Porsche speaks of matters from the past

A Porsche spokesman said on Wednesday: “The present constellation may have occurred in individual cases. According to the information available, however, the facts are very far in the past.”

Internal investigations revealed hardware and software components that were used in typing measurements. “In individual cases, there may also be deviations from the series status.” You have passed on your own findings to the responsible authorities.

The spokesman said the investigations were ongoing and that no final information could be given yet. It’s only about vehicles that were developed a few years ago. “There is no evidence that vehicles in ongoing production are affected.”


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