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What better way to buy real diamonds than digital gold? With the partnership between Lunu and the French jeweler Courbet this is now possible. In fact, thanks to the adoption of the futuristic payment terminal developed by Lunu, the jeweler will now be able to accept payments in Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies in its physical stores as well as online. All in a context where the number of cryptocurrency wallet holders is growing in the world.


Lunu, the future of payment?

The adoption of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is something that is necessarily close to our hearts at Thecointribune, which is why we visited on September 23, 2020 in the Courbet apartment located Place Vendôme in order to attend the launch with great fanfare of the partnership between Lunu and the jeweler who thus becomes the first in the market to accept payments in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

It is therefore in an opulent atmosphere, around “crypto cocktail” concocted especially for the occasion that Lunu unveiled the famous payment terminals (TPE) which will allow transactions to be carried out in cryptocurrency in order to pay for the famous Courbet diamonds.

If you opt for online payment on the Courbet site, payment in Bitcoin will also be possible, however you will not have the chance to test the Lunu TPEs with their futuristic look to say the least. As we know, the transition to a 100% crypto world will be long, which is why Lunu offers payment in cryptocurrencies as an evolution in the payment world. In fact, both physical and online terminals will still allow you to pay with a conventional credit card.

During the presentation evening we were able to test the Lunu payment terminals. It turned out that the organized demonstration was very convincing, you just need to bring your wallet and scan the QR code that appears on the payment terminal, after validation the payment is made in a few seconds. The demonstrations were performed using Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The LUNU payment terminal

Lunu and Courbet, how does it work in practice?

On the client side, there are no transaction fees paid. Lunu is content to take a percentage of 1% from Courbet on each payment. Lower fees than those offered by other payment terminal services which charge an average of between 1.5% and 3% commission on payments. Even if the payment is made in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency on the part of the customer, the system only transfers national FIAT-type currencies to the merchant. Thus, Courbet does not amass Bitcoin or Ether but rather euros, no perceptible change on their side and no manipulation and conversion to be carried out. It is also important to note that the exchange rates between cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies are not set by Lunu which always provides its customers with the most favorable exchange rates.

The Courbet jeweler, diamonds like no other?

Courbet thus presents itself as an ecological jeweler. Why is that ? Because for the past 7 years that Courbet has settled on the famous Place Vendôme, he has made ecology his hobbyhorse. The founders Manuel Mallen and Marie Ann Wachtmeister considered that it had become essential to provide an ecological alternative to the world of jewelry by offering jewelry made only on the basis of cultured diamonds, recycled diamonds and recycled gold. Courbet therefore has no direct link with the diamond mines which still constitute today an ecological and social disaster in some countries. We had the opportunity to briefly touch on this subject in articles in the Alternative Investment Forum.

Thanks to this partnership with Lunu, Maison Coubert wishes to position itself at the forefront of technology by being one of the pioneers in the luxury world in France to accept payments in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This thus ties in with its highly technological positioning in the diamond sector given that Courbet will soon open a diamond factory in the southwest of France. and will thus become the first French diamond producer in history.


“The universe of Maison Courbet is one of luxury, but also of disruption. After pioneering the use of synthetic diamonds and recycled gold, we are proud to position ourselves at the next technological frontier of cryptocurrency payments. This advance is also made with Lunu, a trusted partner with whom we share values ​​in terms of social responsibility ”

Manuel Mallen, president and co-founder of Courbet.

Lunu and Courbet, technology and ecology in common

While Courbet, for his part, has taken a very clear ecological standpoint by creating synthetic diamonds in the laboratory and using recycled gold mainly from computer equipment. Lunu, a tech-savvy company and crypto-active payments, is no exception and also wishes to present very strong ecological values.

This is done with support given to the exhibition “Ocean in Transformation”Organized in Venice by the foundation TBA21 Academy, a collective that has succeeded in the challenge of combining the values ​​of protecting the oceans through technology, science but also art.

Strong positions that fully echo the values ​​and image of Lunu, which positions itself on support for ecology but also for art in the world. In fact, Lunu terminals show particular attention to detail with a design that combines futurism and aesthetics. Customers who buy Courbet jewelry in store thus have an end-to-end aesthetic experience, right through to payment.

A good illustration of this desire to bringing together art and technology was presented at the launch of the Lunu and Courbet partnership. In fact, it was proposed to those present to leave an indelible mark in history by entering a message in a transaction Ethereum, much like an artistic performance based on blockchain technology.

By entering into this partnership, Lunu and Courbet thus wish to be part of the emergence of a new way of life and consumption that is enabled by cryptocurrencies today. Asked about it, Vadim Grigoryan, Partner and CMO at Lunu, says:

“Lunu is a new generation company and brand. Like Courbet, she aspires to be an actress, rather than a spectator of her time, to be part of the solution rather than the problem. Lunu carries with it real values ​​of freedoms, transparency and openness to others. In the 21st century, brands’ commitment to strong values ​​will rise to the top of their concerns and become part of their raison d’être “.

2020, the year of confirmation for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments?

Through Courbet, it is the French luxury world that enters the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Internationally, this is not quite a first. Luxury watches and in particular Porthole have already made a name for themselves with the release of a tribute watch to Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency on the market. We had the opportunity to write an article about this on Thecointribune.

Hulot Bitcoin Watch


This year 2020 seems to be the year of the transition for the crypto sphere, which validates and thus concretizes work carried out for several years by companies like Lunu and many others on the market. This fund work thus allows holders of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – ever more numerous – to use their currencies as a means of payment which appears today more than ever as a valid alternative to traditional payment by bank card. So, maybe you will be tempted by a courbet jewelry for the modest sum of 0.031 Bitcoins?


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