Large-scale bakery Sternenbäck closes 45 branches

Because of the corona pandemic, bakeries and paying customers also stayed away. The Sternenbäck chain from Baden-Württemberg senses this – and is now reacting. The company plans to close every fifth branch.

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The corona crisis hits numerous industries, especially stationary retail. But bakeries also depend on on-site customers. If these fail, there will be no sales – as is the case with the Sternenbäck large bakery.

That is why the traditional company based in Hechingen (Baden-Württemberg) will close 45 branches by the end of the year. So far, the bakery chain operates 215 stores in six federal states – four of them in eastern Germany.

Sternenbäck managing director: “Want to grow again quickly”

At the end of May, the company, which is more than 250 years old, came under legal protection. This led to insolvency proceedings under self-administration. In this, the large bakery wants to renovate itself, the current closings are part of a comprehensive restructuring plan.

With the savings, the group hopes to get back on track quickly. “We want to shrink, gain strength and then grow again,” said Sternenbäck managing director Roland Brückmann to the “Black Forest Messenger”.

These Sternenbäck branches will be closed

Most of the closings are in Baden-Württemberg, a total of 31 locations are affected. The company closes seven branches in Stuttgart alone. In addition, the company is closing these stores, among others:

  • Albstadt-Tailfingen (net)
  • Balingen (Friedrichstrasse)
  • Eislingen (Rewe)
  • Ertingen (net)
  • Freudenstadt (Ludwig-Jahn-Strasse)
  • Geislingen (Stockstrasse)
  • Heidenheim (Bahnhofsplatz)
  • Heidenheim (castle arcades)
  • Kirchheim (Teck Center)
  • Kornwestheim (Rewe)
  • Quantities (main street)
  • Quantities (net)
  • Messkirch (net)
  • Neu-Ulm (Bahnhofstrasse)
  • Pfullendorf (net)
  • Schramberg (main street)
  • Schwenningen (city roundabout)
  • Villingen (Bickenstrasse)
  • Rooms (Raiffeisenstrasse)

The production site in Hechingen is also threatened, as the press release further shows. A total of 220 employees from sales, production and administration were affected by the closings, it said. The Sternenbäck group hopes that they will find employment with other bakeries.

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