Gecci: New bond from the real estate sector

As of today, investors can buy a bond from Gecci Investment. The paper has been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the Open Market since the morning without prior notice. However, the price has not yet been determined. There was no previous subscription period for investors.

The bond has a maximum volume of 8.0 million euros. The annual interest rate is 5.75 percent. The Nettlinger’s bond has a term of five years.

With the fresh money from the loan, Gecci wants to build houses. The company has developed a rental transfer model. Customers conclude a long-term rental contract, in which the monthly rent excluding charges remains constant over the entire term of up to 32 years. After the end of the contract, the customer can take over the house as the owner. There is neither a deposit nor a final installment.

In a first step, Gecci wants to build 17 solid houses at the beginning of next year, which have already been ordered. Gecci intends to complete at least 40 private homes and 20 apartment buildings over the next five years. These should each comprise 11 residential units.


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