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Launched during the summer by the FFPB, the national census of French Blockchain professionals will be closed on October 5, 2020. The first study of this nature to emerge in France, it aims to draw up a precise inventory of the situation. all French companies offering a marketable service or product based on Blockchain technology. The purpose of this survey is to provide institutional and government players with an exact map of the French market by sector of activity, with precise information on each of the players (size, maturity of projects, type of protocol used, financial health, etc.) . It also aims to be able to ensure the real added value of the use of this technology in a given sector, which goes beyond the simple effects of marketing opportunities.


The Card and the Crypto-Territory

Remy André Ozcan and Jean-Michel Mis, at the initiative of the first French Blockchain Federation

As we will remember, the French blockchain ecosystem recently created a professional federation. Born under the impetus of the deputy Jean-Michel MIS and of Remy André Ozcan, Managing Director of Crypto4All, the latter explained in detail to Cryptocurrencies why the initiative was becoming urgent.

“The aim of this census, and of the report that will result from it, is to be able to establish a faithful mapping of industry players and an inventory of the French cryptoassets and Blockchain market based on a rigorous methodology. We must identify the strengths and weaknesses of our ecosystem in order to foster the emergence of major European players. This is a great first for Blockchain in France and we are happy to contribute in this way to a better structuring of our ecosystem “

Rémy André Ozcan, President of the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals (FFPB) and CEO of Crypto4all.

Indeed, everyone knows it, before major maneuvers it is advisable to accurately determine the forces involved. This is the whole point of the current census being carried out by the “Fédé”, real Act 1 of a long-term strategy (some would speak of “Holder” logic!).


State of the art

The forthcoming report should also provide feedback concerning government measures taken to accelerate the development of the sector. Questions about the effectiveness of the device ” French Tech Visa “, of the law PACT or mechanisms
financing offered by BPI France will allow actors to express themselves on the relevance of state support in the conduct of their activities.

“While many actions have been carried out by the French state to contribute to the rise of crypto / Blockchain technologies in France, it still seems difficult to us to gauge the effectiveness of the latter. It therefore seems relevant to us to offer the Place the opportunity to express themselves on the subject, in order to bring up any blocking points or reasons for satisfaction. This work is necessary to improve ourselves and, thus, be up to date height of our ambitions ”

Jean-Michel Mis, Honorary President of the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals (FFPB) and Member of Parliament for the 2nd constituency of the Loire (Saint Étienne).

As for private operators, they can be referenced in an open access map – which should positively contribute to the development of their activities by allowing them to identify possible partners or competitors and, thus, have a vision
clear of their sub-sector of activity as well as of the entities that compose it.


The current census of all the French players involved in this ecosystem will make it possible to create a database accessible to its members and to the authorities in search of specific talents and know-how. It will quickly identify the expertise and products based on Blockchain technology available in France. The census form can be accessed by clicking on the following link. Already many answers. Whose yours?


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