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Like some projects that are gaining momentum in the midst of a bubbling 2020 for the Bitcoin and crypto ecosystem, AVALANCHE (AVAX) is often referred to as the size to embody “the new Ethereum (ETH)”. If we will see that the creation of Emin Gün Sirer It’s not the only contender for the number 2 place in the market, and this is a good opportunity to remind once again how clearly AVALANCHE is capable of bringing order to the city.

And if the value of this project – which is still in its very early youth – will be recalled once again, today’s article will also be an opportunity to introduce you to AVAX’s staking offer. A staking offer that will allow you to effortlessly recover the generous dividends that AVALANCHE offers. And the icing on the powder, nothing will prevent you from starting to collect these dividends within minutes of reading this article!

Warning : This sponsored article is offered to you in partnership with the company Feel Mining. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment invitation.

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In search of the heir of Ethereum (ETH)

If it is futile to search “The new Bitcoin”, As the one and only “digital gold” is still a long way from having revealed its full real potential, the hunt for the successor of Ethereum seems to be a particularly fashionable activity in 2020.

Indeed, often described as “breathless”, the creation of Vitalik Buterin appears aging, even outdated, especially given the strength of the new ecosystem of the Decentralized Finance (Challenge). A DeFi whose insolent growth obviously seems not to be able to be supported for a long time by an unsuitable architecture and especially on which the transaction costs become truly delusional when a new “Token Food” decides to expose itself to the budding investor audience.

So if no one is unaware thatEthereum is working on the implementation of its V2, supposed to solve most of the current problems by switching from an infrastructure to Proof of Work (like Bitcoin) to another in Proof of Stake (PoS), the future is very uncertain for the number 2 in the market. Indeed, Ethereum plays nothing less than its survival in a bubbling ecosystem, and which harshly punishes the slightest misstep.

While Ethereum obviously benefits from a high first-mover bonus, and has demonstrated strong capacities to support a rich and complete ecosystem (universe of ERC-20 tokens, Decentralized applications, NFT, Smart contract…), the fact remains that the coming change is literally equivalent to a change of engine in the middle of the NASCAR race… However, there are many young rookies to benefit from racing machines brand new, cut for performance, just waiting for the opportunity to prove their abilities!

Maddening number of simultaneous transactions, executed in an instant, resilience and robustness of new protocols, vitality of projects and ambitious roadmaps, some young wolves with long teeth are thus preparing to try to steal the crown of the Prince of crypto. And among his potential Brutus, we can notably mention Polkadot, COSMOS…and AVALANCHE (AVAX) !

The pretenders’ war

Citing this triumvirate is a reminder that each of these projects, all rather recent, presents serious arguments. And much to the concern of Vitalik, the young Lord and the Unicorn, still others are rushing in the race for succession, such as Eldond or Cardano.

On this particular topic, it turns out that a rather comprehensive infographic is currently running within the crypto community, drawing up a relevant comparison of the technical characteristics of Polkadot, COSMOS and AVAX.

Polkadot, COSMOS, AVAX comparative

Yes Polkadot and COSMOS (a project that you will discover in more detail by consulting this very brilliant article) present fascinating profiles and undoubtedly embody future heavyweights in the sector, we will agree that the characteristics of AVAX make it possibly the most capable competitor to genuinely shake the reign of Ethereum.


AVALANCHE (AVAX), a wave of qualities

The AVALANCHE network, whose recent news, and the launch in mid-September of the mainnet have been regularly mentioned on your favorite crypto duck is the project of all superlatives.

Offering to provide a solution to nothing less than the insoluble “Blockchain trilemma”(The difficulty of combining security, scalability and decentralization), AVALANCHE immediately raised the bar very high. Better yet, with its new class of consensus, many in the ecosystem consider that nothing so innovative and unheard of had burst onto the scene since … Bitcoin!

From a pure performance point of view, the AVALANCHE network supports up to 4500 transactions / second. In addition, its ability to easily implement multiple subnets makes its architecture virtually infinitely scalable. Not without a touch of benevolent irony, the team explained in early 2020 that they were able to launch Ethereum 2.0, there immediately, without forcing. Moreover, for the elegance of the gesture, the said team replicated Ethereum, a perfect clone on which essential network tools like Metamask work perfectly well. Her name ? Athereum

Beyond its impressive technical profile and its promises, AVALANCHE is a pure Proof of Stake architecture. And if you are a regular at the Tribune du Minage, you will know that very often the PoS involves a system of staking or from Masternode, likely to be associated with dividends.

Unsurprisingly, AVALANCHE is no exception to this rule. Since the launch of the main network, it is thus possible to benefit from a staking mechanism and to recover dividends in AVAX tokens in return for the immobilization of collateral. An opportunity that the very dynamic team of Feel Mining It didn’t take long to grab hold of it! Only a few days after the launch of the Mainnet, AVAX staking is already available on the Feel Mining site!

AVAX staking via Feel Mining

If you’re a regular, I won’t teach you much about the staking device anymore. For the newbies, a little reminder on what is staking of cryptocurrencies but also on what partly differentiates it from the masternode:

The common points Staking / Masternodes:

  • Staking and Masternode are specific to blockchains in Proof of Stake (proof of stake / detention),
  • in both cases, tokens / coins must be immobilized during a certain period and according to specific rules,
  • these two processes are intended to to secure the blockchain network and the transactions that take place there
  • staking and masternodes generate rewards (interest) for the benefit of holders of immobilized tokens
  • These rewards are known in advance, even if they can fluctuate according to the type of operation of the blockchain considered, and its mode of governance.

The differences between staking and masternodes

  • The masternode (and the operator behind it, the one who provides a certain amount of crypto currency) embodies a vital cog of the blockchain it secures. The network node – in addition to serving as a storage environment for the crypto deposit – also stores a full copy of the blockchain. None of this for staking which only materializes by the digital locking of a certain amount of crypto, on a personal wallet for example,
  • it is possible to staker (or staker) cryptocurrencies without minimum amount, or with a minimum stake. On the other hand, a masternode requires a substantial quantity – even huge – currency to act as collateral (surety). We can cite for example the Masternode Dash which requires 1000 Dash to set up (if you feel like investing in Dash, the “bitcoin of the masternode”, this article should please you)

As you understand in this last point, it is possible (and even sometimes desirable), to appeal to a specialized actor which in your name and for your benefit, will take charge of setting up and operating the staking system. The great thing about this process is that it lets you enjoy the rewards (minus a small commission), risk-free and effortlessly. This is precisely the offer of Feel Mining.

Conditions of AVAX staking via Feel Mining

AVAX staking is possible on the official Feel Mining website from 25 tokens (approximately 90 euros at the current rate of the currency). In the operation, you buy your AVAX directly after creating a user account, your tokens being also directly placed in staking. Your dividends start to accumulate immediately and will be available after 24 hours. Note that it is also possible to send your own AVAX tokens to the team who will take care of staking them for you (fees apply, see conditions)

AVax staking is available on Feel Mining

In accordance with what Feel Mining has accustomed us to, the very clear and ergonomic dashboard allows you to control and manage your investment.

AVAX staking, the FeelMinin dashboard

In the end, this staking operation will earn you a dividend of 9.78%, evening the current annual ROI (Return on Investment) of the project.

You are then free to let your AVAX grow, before transferring them to a private wallet, or to convert them to BTC, ETH or stablecoins, according to your strategies. Note in passing that you can also convert your dividends into fiat currency (in this case in euros), if you have an account level Gold or Platinum (see details on the site).

To immediately take advantage of the new AVAX staking feature offered by Feel Mining, click here.

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