Web hosting: cheap is often expensive

I don’t think so. My portfolio has expanded considerably in recent years, so that I manage web shops and also more simple websites. The experiences with various hosting providers vary considerably. But what has turned out is that cheap budget hosting is often not the smartest choice.

Hard to reach customer service

Oops, my website is down. Chances are that this problem is somewhere on the server. Making quick contact with the hosting provider by calling or chatting is sometimes not even possible if you go for cheap hosting. The result: a website that is down for an unnecessarily long time. With well-visited web shops, this suddenly costs you a lot of money.

Slower websites

How annoying is it when you have to wait a long time for a website to load? With cheap hosting you often compromise on performance. Simply because fewer resources are made available. Web shops in particular feel this directly in their wallets, because a slow webshop does not benefit the user experience and the conversion rate.

Lack of technical knowledge

A tech-savvy support department is worth its weight in gold. I know large web shops in the Netherlands that have thrown money in the ditch for years because they ran on the wrong, inappropriate hosting. Especially with managed hosting, the web host has a lot of influence and through years of experience knows what is or is not appropriate. Being able to see this and take action on it is an enormous value, especially for large web shops

Cheaper hosting often does not excel in security requirements

All web hosts have their basic security in order, but you can go very far within the security of websites. Slow and cheap websites often run on shared servers (shared hosting). Shared hosting does not have to be that bad at all, smaller websites that receive little traffic can handle this just fine.

However, this is a different story for successful web shops that receive many visitors. With shared hosting you share a piece on a server with other websites / web shops. If a web host does not offer top security and you are also on shared hosting, it can therefore happen that malware or viruses reach the server via another website and you will also have to deal with this later.

In times of corona, when a huge number of web shops have been added and competition in many branches online has increased, you want to be sure of a good foundation and not have to worry about peripheral issues. Read carefully, ask for advice from experts and look carefully at the costs.

This blog is written by Remon Hendriksen from Hipex


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