Top 50 dividend stocks to buy – autumn 2020 quality selection

Which dividend stocks do quality-conscious shareholders buy? And at what price? We answer both questions with the help of our over 40,000 members who are looking for high-quality dividend payers on Aktienfinder.Net and who set purchase limits for their desired shares. We are now evaluating these purchase limits. This gives you an exclusive insight into which 50 dividend stocks are at the top of the list for long-term investors and at what price these stocks are a buy. We are also dealing with the “dividend stock in crisis”. Because due to numerous dividend cuts and in some cases high price losses, many investors doubt the sense of their dividend strategy. We’ll show you how to meet doubts in order to benefit from long-term rising prices and dividends even in difficult times.

Top 50 Dividend Stocks to Buy – Fall 2020

Of the 50 most popular dividend stocks to buy in autumn 2020, 30 stocks achieved price gains in the current stock market year despite the Corona crash, which underlines the high quality of the stocks included in the list. On average, the share prices of all dividend payers included on the list rose slightly by 1.4 percent. What seems marginal at first glance means, on closer inspection, that it outperforms most stock indices. In addition to the moderate price gains, there are also dividends from the three quarters of the current year. With Adidas and CTs Eventim “only” two of the 50 stocks canceled the dividend completely. This is regrettable, but against the background of the Corona crisis, a manageable number of failures. In the analysis, the Dividend column shows the dividend yield based on the distributions over the last 12 months. The column price gain shows the price development of the share in the current year.

These are the 50 most popular dividend stocks to buy in Fall 2020:

CompaniesPurchase limitsdividendPrice gain
Johnson & Johnson511 (1)2.7%1%
Unilever N.V.453 (2)3.2%1%
Visa A431 (3)0.6%6%
American Tower386 (4)1.8%4%
3M383 (5)3.7%-9%
Novo Nordisk B.359 (6)1.9%14%
PepsiCo354 (7)2.9%0%
MC Donalds307 (8)2.3%11%
Coke286 (9)3.3%-12%
Union Pacific279 (10)2.0%9%
Tencent277 (11)0.2%36%
Walt Disney262 (12)0.9%-13%
Texas Instruments257 (13)2.5%10%
Diageo249 (14)2.6%-17%
Fasting242 (15)2.1%23%
Home Depot226 (16)2.2%25%
Intel Corp.222 (17)2.6%-14%
Microsoft Corporation215 (18)1.0%31%
Realty Income215 (19)4.6%-17%
Stryker213 (20)1.1%-2%
AbbVie212 (21)5.3%-2%
SAP202 (22)1.2%11%
Digital Realty Trust201 (23)3.0%23%
Waste management195 (24)1.9%0%
Amgen Inc193 (25)2.5%3%
Lvmh Moet Hennessy L.V.189 (26)1.8%-2%
Procter & Gamble189 (27)2.2%10%
Comcast Corp-Class A186 (28)1.9%3%
Fresenius SE & Co KGaA186 (29)2.2%-23%
Cisco Systems183 (30)3.6%-19%
T. Rowe Price Group179 (31)2.7%5%
BlackRock175 (32)2.6%10%
Unitedhealth Group175 (33)1.5%3%
Automatic data processing172 (34)2.7%-19%
Hormel Foods170 (35)1.9%8th%
British American Tobacco166 (36)7.4%-14%
Canadian National Railway165 (37)1.6%22%
Illinois Tool Works162 (38)2.3%8th%
alliance160 (39)5.8%-25%
Colgate-Palmolive155 (40)2.3%11%
Nestlé147 (41)2.5%5%
Lockheed Martin146 (42)2.5%0%
BASF SE144 (43)6.3%-23%
Starbucks144 (44)1.9%-4%
Church & Dwight141 (45)1.0%32%
Adidas136 (46)-4%
Cts Eventim134 (47)-26%
Public storage132 (48)3.6%4%
Fuchs Petrolub127 (49)2.3%-3%
Medtronic126 (50)2.2%-9%

The evaluation shows the 50 most popular dividend stocks from our 40,000+ members, including a buy limit. The number of buy limits, the placement in brackets as well as the current dividend yield and the price gains in the current year are displayed.

Analysis of the top 50 dividend stocks to buy in fall 2020

Depending on your investment strategy, you are more interested in stocks with high dividend yields or stocks with high dividend growth. For both dividend strategies there is plenty of choice in the list of the top 50.

The 10 stocks with the highest dividends

These are the 10 most popular dividend stocks with the highest dividend yield in fall 2020

Aktienfinder.Net sees itself as a platform for long-term shareholders. That is why we not only run Germany’s most popular equity finder, but also impart basic knowledge and offer numerous stock analyzes for free on. From the top 10 stocks with high dividends, we now present a small selection. A click on the respective picture in the table leads you to the corresponding stock analysis.

British American Tobacco Stock

British American Tobacco Stock
logoBritish American Tobacco Logo
Stock analysisBritish American Tobacco Stock Stock Analysis
countryGreat Britain
BranchPlant construction
Market capitalization€ 70.4 billion
Dividend yield7.5%
Stability dividend0.99 from max. 1.0
Slope dividend5% per year

At the top of high-dividend stocks is British American Tobacco with a 7.4 percent return! Existing shareholders of the tobacco company are not very happy about the high dividend yield. Because this is primarily due to the fact that prices have been falling for a good two years. In our stock analysis Find out why British American Tobacco’s stock is falling, and whether the dividend is safe and the stock is valued as cheaply as the high dividend yield suggests.

BASF share

BASF share
logoBASF logo
Stock analysisBASF share - uncertain dividend due to lack of price imagination
Market capitalization€ 47.7 billion
Dividend yield6.4%
Stability dividend0.97 of max. 1.0
Slope dividend4% per year

BASF ranks second among the most generous dividend payers. Despite declining profits, management has increased the annual dividend from EUR 3.20 to EUR 3.30. The 6.3 percent dividend was last achieved at the height of the financial crisis in 2009. The reason for the exceptionally generous dividend is also here the share price, which has fallen by 23 percent this year alone. In our free stock analysis Find out whether the BASF dividend is safe and how we feel about BASF shares.

Allianz share

Allianz share
logoAlliance logo
Stock analysisAllianz share - Hopefully dividend secured
Market capitalization€ 68.5 billion
Dividend yield5.9%
Stability dividend0.96 of max. 1.0
Slope dividend7% per year

With a dividend of 5.8 percent, Allianz shares are in third place. The dividend of the insurance giant from Germany seems immune to the Corona crisis and, according to analysts’ estimates, is even set to increase in the coming years. In our current stock analysis on Allianz, we examine whether the 5.8 percent offer a lucrative entry opportunity.

The 10 stocks with the highest dividend growth

Top 10 stocks with high dividend growth in fall 2020

These are the 10 most popular dividend stocks with high dividend growth in fall 2020

10, 20 or even 30 percent increase in dividends per year are not a dream, but can actually be achieved with the stocks presented here. However, you have to forego a high initial dividend for this. But with a long holding period, dynamic dividend growth pays off in the form of a dynamically increasing personal dividend yield.

In the dividend benchmark of the stock finder you can compare the forecast development of the dividend for any stocks. The blue-filled area shows Tencent’s dynamically rising dividend. This is currently very low at 0.3 percent. But the distributions have been increasing by 35 percent annually for over 10 years! If this growth continues, if you buy today your personal dividend yield in 15 to 20 years will exceed that of high-dividend payers like Allianz, BASF or even British American Tobacco. This extreme example shows that you shouldn’t underestimate the potential for dividend growth.

With dividends soaring, Tencent's personal dividend yield may one day surpass that of high-dividend payers

With dividends soaring, Tencent’s personal dividend yield may one day surpass that of high-dividend payers

Tencent is just one of many stocks with high dividend growth.

Tencent share

Tencent share
logoTencent logo
Stock analysisTencent stock analysis
Market capitalization€ 542.5 billion
Dividend yield0.2%
Stability dividend0.91 of max. 1.0
Slope dividend35% per year

With a market capitalization of 544 billion euros, Tencent is one of the most valuable companies in the world and is only surpassed in China by Alibaba, which weighs 681 billion euros in market capitalization but does not pay a dividend. Sales, profit, cash flow and dividends grow by an annual average of 30 percent! So it’s no wonder that the share price has also risen by 30 percent and more annually over the long term. In 2018, however, the share corrected sharply and lost more than 40 percent of its value. In our stock analysis, we examine why Tencent is so successful and whether the share is fairly valued today.

American Tower share

American Tower share
logoAmerican Tower logo
Stock analysisTop US REITs - American Tower and Digital Realty Trust
Market capitalization€ 92.1 billion
Dividend yield1.8%
Stability dividend0.99 from max. 1.0
Slope dividend20% per year

American Tower shows impressively that not all REITs are being torn down equally by Corona. In fact, American Tower is benefiting from the digitization pressures brought about by the virus. The company rents out the transmission masts to major network operators such as AT&T or Vodafone and benefits directly from the increasing volume of mobile data. And as a REIT, American Tower naturally also pays dividends. At 1.8 percent, this is rather modest, but increases by an impressive 20 percent on an annual average. In addition, American Tower has also made high price gains in the past. Over a ten-year perspective, the share has risen by almost 400 percent.

Visa share

Visa share
logoVisa logo
Stock analysisVisa - That's why the stock is a buy
Market capitalization€ 378.3 billion
Dividend yield0.6%
Stability dividend0.97 of max. 1.0
Slope dividend20% per year

Cash is out – credit card is in. And so Visa is benefiting from the trend towards cashless payments, which was reinforced twice by Corona. On the one hand, purchases are shifting further to the Internet and, on the other hand, even in stationary retail, people are paying less and less with “dirty” money. At the same time, Visa and Mastercard enjoy a deep moat made up of thousands and thousands of dealer contracts.

With a dividend yield of just 0.6 percent, the focus is clearly on dividend growth, which is around 20 percent per year. And as with Tencent and American Tower, Visa has good chances of long-term high price gains.

Dividend stocks in crisis?

Since the Corona crash, the stock market has been divided into two parts. While tech stocks are climbing new highs, many dividend stocks have cut or even canceled their payouts. The dividend cuts were accompanied by high share price losses in some cases. This analysis shows 30 mostly well-known companies that have significantly reduced or even canceled their dividends, as well as the share price losses incurred in the current year:

IsinSurnamecountryBranchDividend cut
DE000A1EWWW0AdidasGermanyCyclical consumer goodsPainted
NL0000235190Airbus GroupNetherlandsIndustrial goodsPainted
DE0005093108Amadeus FiReGermanyIndustrial servicesPainted
US0970231058BoeingUSAIndustrial goodsPainted
GB0007980591BPGreat BritainenergyShortened
PA1436583006CarnivalUSACyclical servicesPainted
DE0005470306Cts EventimGermanyCyclical servicesPainted
US2473617023Delta Air LinesUSAtransportPainted
DE0007480204Deutsche EuroShopGermanypropertyPainted
DE0005773303Fraport AGGermanytransportPainted
DE000A1PHFF7Hugo Boss AG -OrdGermanyCyclical consumer goodsShortened
GB0004544929Imperial BrandsGreat BritainFoodShortened
BE0974274061Kinepolis GroupBelgiumCyclical servicesPainted
GB0008706128Lloyds Banking GroupGreat BritainBanksPainted
US5894331017Meredith Corp.USACyclical servicesPainted
DE000A0D9PT0Mtu Aero EnginesGermanyIndustrial goodsShortened
GB0032089863Next PlcGreat BritainTrade variousShortened
DE000A1H8BV3Norma GroupGermanyIndustrial goodsShortened
DE000PSM7770ProSieben Sat.1 MediaGermanyCyclical servicesPainted
GB0007099541Prudential plcGreat BritainInsuranceShortened
US7782961038Ross Stores IncUSATrade variousPainted
FI0009003305Sampo -A-FinlandInsuranceShortened
US8754651060Tanger Factory Outlet C.USApropertyPainted
GB00B0YG1K06The Restaurant GroupGreat BritainCyclical servicesPainted
DE000TUAG000TUIGermanyCyclical servicesPainted
US2546871060Walt DisneyUSACyclical servicesShortened
US9497461015Wells FargoUSABanksShortened

Dividend cuts and cuts in the 2020 stock market year

In the course of the Corona crisis, the dividend cuts depend primarily on the industry of the respective company. Tourism, airlines, retailers and restaurants, for example, were hit particularly hard due to the restrictions on mobility caused by the corona. In the wake of a slowdown in the economy, however, cyclicals such as the automotive and oil and gas industries have also been hit hard. Here are the ten industries that have been hit hardest, including the average dividend cut:

BranchDividend cut
Cars / spare parts-37.4%
Cyclical consumer goods-22.8%
Trade various-21.1%
Industrial goods-14.0%
Cyclical services-13.3%
Household / care products-6.3%

The ten industries with the highest dividend cuts including the average price losses per share

However, there are also industries that are benefiting from the Corona crisis. The software companies represented in the share finder will increase their dividends in the current financial year by almost 20 percent! In the article “Instructions for the stock market crash“You will find out which industries are among the winners and losers and how you can manage your portfolio successfully through troubled times.

Doubts about the dividend strategy

Even if the top 50 dividend files of our members did well overall, the portfolios of some investors are in the red for the year. Especially fans of high dividends, who prefer cyclicals and high-dividend REITs, are now confronted with sometimes high book losses and dividend cuts. Due to the strong headwind, doubts about the meaning of the dividend strategy are inevitable:

“In good times, sticking to strategies isn’t that difficult, but what do you do in these times? I have a clear dividend strategy and have invested a significant amount since Q1 2019. At 61 I need a clearly distributing strategy, but it got really under water in Corona. At the moment tech is running like crazy and the good dividend values ​​are sometimes 20% below the level of pre-Corona. This not only applies to the portfolio, but also to very classic dividend ETFs, which for me are also 10% and 20% below the cost. I don’t want to change my strategy, but every now and then you have doubts. “

Solutions for the “dividend crisis”

The doubts expressed here are understandable and are shared by many investors. The question is how to respond to this. We keep seeing two fundamental problems that can be solved with the right mindset and approach.

Be aware of your investment strategy

We always consciously and unconsciously compare ourselves with others and make our mood dependent on whether we do better or worse in comparison. Many dividend investors are currently watching the performance of the Nasdaq or other technology-heavy benchmarks and have a bad feeling when looking at their own portfolio. But such a comparison makes no sense. Because different investment strategies have different objectives. For dividend investors it is usually either a handsome dividend right from the start or dynamic dividend growth. And the realistic expectations then also depend on these objectives. A total return that can be measured with an investment in highly digitized non-dividend payers is definitely not one of them. Becoming aware of your own goals prevented the unconscious and unfair performance comparison, which not only leads to a bad feeling, but possibly also to ill-considered purchases and sales that are not in line with the actual investment strategy.

Is your investment strategy still appropriate?

Of course, you can also adjust your investment strategy. Such an adjustment makes sense if either your investment goals have changed permanently or these can no longer be achieved with your current investment strategy. However, caution should be exercised when adjusting the objective so that you do not become a FOMO victim (fear of missing out) end by chasing after running stocks to catch up on a supposedly missed return.

The more common case will be that your objective remains but can no longer be achieved with the stocks you hold. This is especially the case with friends of passive income through high dividends. Cleaning is the order of the day. In particular, it is important to resolve cluster risks through a focus on industries that are in trouble today. If, for example, a quarter of a depot consists of crisis representatives from the oil industry or stationary retail, we think that’s too much. In this case, we would part with some of these shares and even realize losses for this in order to invest the capital freed up in dividend shares that are more promising in the long term.

Questions about the right investment strategy? Help is provided here.The share finder Facebook community

Successful dividend strategy in practice: the starter deposit

When changing the portfolio structure, the question arises as to which dividend stocks to buy as a replacement. Fans of dynamic dividend growth can, for example, be inspired by the starter portfolio that got through the Corona crash well. In the starter portfolio, we save 20 quality shares with 25 euros each per month, whereby our focus is on dynamic dividend growth. The current status of the starter depot including the performance of all positions is freely viewable.

The starter portfolio with 20 share savings plans

Conclusion: the right investment strategy + dividend stocks = investment success

The effects of the Corona crisis are causing problems for many dividend investors. With the list of the 50 most popular dividend stocks from our members, you get a first port of call to find the stocks that best suit your investment strategy. The stock finder analyzes each of these stocks in detail. This gives you a well-founded impression of whether the share actually fits your investment strategy, whether the dividend seems safe and whether the share is valued cheaply or expensively. Any questions? Then please leave us a comment or join our Facebook group at.

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