The Kingfish Company is the Tesla of aquaculture

More than 50 FTEs now work at the location at Kingfish Zeeland, Rabobank, SHV subsidiaries Nutreco and Creadev are participating, Wholefoods from Amazon is one of the distributors.

Andy Mosmans studied business economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, was a student assistant to professor Willem Verbeke for a while, wrote the book Marketing-Communication and Chaos with him with a foreword by Giep Franzen and started working at Philips International from Eindhoven and afterwards from Vienna in various marketing positions. He then switched to the FHV BBDO, became CEO of BBDO in the Netherlands and realized a lot of international work for brands such as Apple, Pepsi, MTV and Philips Medical Systems. Mosmans: ‘Now I am undertaking a portfolio of branding, marketing and communication activities. For example, I am a partner at ARA and “venture engine” at the Unknown Group, author of the books Business Success, Branding NL and most recently Startup Branding, supervisor of various startups and scale ups, such as The Kingfish Company. beside visiting professor at Business School Netherlands – Asia in Shanghai, co-founder of the Institute for Branding and Business Development and chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Amstelland Hospital and the Startup Platform Get in the Ring. The complete story can be found on my personal website ‘

Voila. When did you actually see the brand ‘light’?
‘I was particularly inspired early in my career by Willem Verbeke at Erasmus University Rotterdam; by David Ogilvy, then at Ogilvy & Mather, where I was a customer from Philips, by Steve Jobs who then still worked at Apple for which we worked from BBDO and last but not least Giep Franzen * one of the three founders of Franzen Hey & Veltman , later the legendary agency FHV BBDO. ‘

How did The Kingfish Company come your way? How did the concept come about?
‘The Kingfish Company, still nameless at the time, came across my path when I advised me through Tchai International and was introduced to Ohad Maiman, the founder and CEO. From that moment on, I worked with him and the other founders Kees Kloet and Hans den Bieman to bring the company to life, first Kingfish Zeeland and then also The Kingfish Company, Kingfish Maine USA and the product brand Dutch Yellowtail, brand strategy: positioning and portfolio policy, naming, visual identity, marketing and business development, e-commerce and communication. ‘

How has it been since then? Who else got in?
‘The Kingfish Company has more than 50 people working at the location in Zeeland, Kingfish Zeeland, and Kingfish Maine is also starting up. As investors, in addition to the founders, Rabobank Corporate Investements, SHV subsidiary Nutreco and the private investment company Creadev of the French billionaire family Mulliez have joined. In addition to direct delivery to restaurants in Europe and America, with the chefs as our ambassadors, now (accelerated by Covid-19) we also deliver via retail, such as Amazon’s Wholefoods. ‘

What is the goal, the proposition of TKC?
OK, I list it:
– The Kingfish Company is the Tesla of aquaculture and the Dutch Yellowtail is the Model S.
– At The Kingfish Company our mission is to further advance our first-mover position in technology-driven aquaculture, and continue to establish ourselves as a market leader in the sustainable production of high value Marine Seafood. See also the video in the window at the bottom of this MarketingTribune post
– Dutch Yellowtail tastes great and makes you feel great: it represents “today” s taste “/ the” taste of today “: the new culinary (gourmet), clean (healthy & sustainable), convenient choice;
– The best fish of and for the world, making most sense for the plate, the palate and the planet ‘;
– A fish like no other, that’s why it’s called a kingfish; moreover, it’s The Kingfish – The King of Fish. ‘

Can you tell us something about the future plans and how you want them to succeed with marketing?
‘At the moment we are accelerated by Covid-19 working on the plans for a more BtoC / retail-oriented branding and marketing operation in both Europe and America, in addition to what we are doing towards and with chefs BtoB. The webshop will also become operational. ‘

There are still a few sustainable fish brands such as Fishtales, organic sub-labels of private labels, the MSC quality mark. Competitors or are you developing a new market together?
The Kingfish Company is unique in that it is one first-mover is technology-driven aquaculture (RAS: Recirculation Aquaculture System, ed.) which, through Dutch Yellowtail, establishes a premium brand and a sustainable, organic product, recommended as a Green Choice by the Good Fish Foundation and the first land-based nursery in the world that is both BAP and ASC certified and winner of the 2019 Seafood Global Excellence Award as well as the Horecava Innovation Award. ‘

What do you prefer to eat: meat, vegetarian or fish? And why?
‘Traditionally, I eat everything, but more recently I have become more conscious, so more fish and vegetarian. Better for me and the world and above all delicious. ‘

What else do you have for activities? After all, you are also a writer and house renter in Bali?
‘See first question and indeed I also own Villa Alila together with my wife Naomi, named after our daughter, at the beautiful Sumberkima Hill Retreat in Northwest Bali, more information can be found here.’

Anything else you want to share?
‘Also working on a new Branding book as standard work for higher vocational education for Noordhoff, together with Patrick Stal and Mary Hoogerbrugge.’

text: Peter van Woensel Kooy

* by professor Giep Franzen, his latest publication ‘Brandr’ will soon follow exclusively on Keep an eye on this site.

Andy Mosmans, marketer The Kingfish Company


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