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The Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency market is a volatile market. All speculators in this market have realized this for a long time. This is one of the main reasons for more adventurous traders to enter this market. However, while increased volatility means the possibility of big bullish movements, it also implies the risk of big bearish movements. The reward is linked to the risk. It is this ratio that directs players towards this new class of crypto-assets including Bitcoin and the most famous embodiment.


With its innovative, participatory and community-based approach, the Summit Mining initiative manages to operate and renew months after a small miracle: to be profitable, even in the phases when the market returns most portfolios, even the most robust. You can find out more about the young company in the article “Club Privé Bitcoin: the most profitable community in France”.

Warning 1: this article is not sponsored, it is not an infomercial. On the other hand, the use of the code COINTRIBUNE – which will give you access to a welcome offer – is associated with a small affiliation. Nothing however sufficient to bias the purpose of the article.

Warning 2: by its very nature, voluntarily “premium” and semi-closed, the offer presented in this article implies a minimum investment of 2000 euros. This entry ticket is the counterpart of a high level and personalized service.

Speculate on Bitcoin and Crypto yes, but not anyhow

There are different investor profiles in the crypto market, but each of them is looking for one and the same thing: the highest possible return. No one is here for the glory.

If it is true that speculating on altcoins can create wealth, it is equally true that the violent movements that drive this very liquid market … will liquidate more than one. However, buying and reselling altcoins can be beneficial to those who understand the mechanisms. But let’s be very clear: in a market or downtrend, most traders and investors are unprofitable.

Faced with this apparently insoluble equation, some rather discreet players have however been able to forge a value proposition that seems to be alchemy: to allow their community to remain profitable, on a constant basis, including in Bitcoin market contexts. and massively bearish crypto. Summit Mining explains how to achieve this feat by relying on a mix composed of both Bitcoin mining logic and community crypto (to dilute the risk), accompanied by a ultra-responsive day-to-day driving (in order to immediately get out of perilous situations, but also to enter all opportunities).

In the bottom of the bearish wave

As of this writing (end of September 2020), we are in a fundamentally bullish market: Bitcoin is at + 150% of its lowest, Ethereum + 200% and the altcoins market is mostly recovering. (this observation of course precedes the industrial disaster of bitMEX having brought down the price of Bitcoin).

“What do you mean“ -99% ”?”

However, in the space of just 7 days, we have lost a good proportion of the altcoin cap. The market has thus lost nearly 30 billion euros in capitalization. Bitcoin has seen its price drop by over 7% in the space of a few hours.

The market situation on September 25, 2020.

The “fabulous” thing about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is that everyone turns into geniuses when the market goes up. But if you let the market take back your profits, you will not be able to increase your capital. This is why investors diversify their portfolio of crypto assets between Bitcoin / Ethereum / Altcoins.

State of the Bitcoin and crypto market in September 2020

Here is the performance of the top 20 cryptocurrencies, that is, those with the largest capitalization. You might think that the biggest cryptos are less volatile and yet, 16 out of 20 are in losses compared to the previous month. Even going up to almost -40% for the last small ones. Even on Bitcoin, which is the most solid cryptocurrency, it has a performance of -7% of its price over the month.

As you can see, 80% of the market is red and in loss over the previous month. The Zcash has seen its price literally cut in half. For other altcoins, it’s directly -75% from their high at the start of September. Strict.

In other words, losing money isn’t just for a bear market. It doesn’t just happen to others.

The adage that big-cap cryptocurrencies are less risky than small ones is wrong. All altcoins represent a risk. Even in a bull market.


Speculators protect themselves with the information they have. They try to anticipate: they secure profits in stablecoins, keep the majority of their wallet in Bitcoin which generally goes down to them less than the others or do nothing and see their wallet bleed. Some are in denial and turn a blind eye (ostrich strategy).

Lack of experience, fear, and inaction cause holders to lose a lot of money in the crypto market. Whoever has never finished underwater in a position throw the first stone at me. This market offers many many opportunities and there are many ways to win, but most of them do not come with considerably high risk.

In this context, making money on a regular basis seems to be a difficult task. Is there an investment in the crypto ecosystem that allows you to remain profitable regardless of the trends?

Summit Mining, stable in the crypto turmoil

Betting on the cryptocurrency market and its growing appeal by buying altcoins is not the only option. If you believe in the ecosystem, investing in the mining industry is a gamble on the future.

If you choose the right company to support you in your investments, you will be a winner from the start and will be more and more profitable over time, considering that the price of the main cryptocurrencies will tend to rise. The basic premise of any investment is this, let’s remember!

It is in this context that the mining company is positioned Summit Mining. This is a young French startup to whom you can delegate the management of mining machines, as well as all decisions related to the choice of machines, locations, etc. At Summit Mining, the concept is simple: once a month, the company buys new mining machines on behalf of its customers which, once installed, are shared with all those of other customers.

The result ? An average monthly return since the start of 2020 of nearly 4%, without even taking into account the increase in the cryptocurrencies that you have mined over time. Whether the market goes up, down, or stagnant. Of course, this return is neither stable nor guaranteed because it evolves from month to month. It is also important to specify that the returns are in no way guaranteed, even if the past year, that’s an average of almost 12% monthly that was generated on behalf of Summit Mining customers! However, knowing that the company is remunerated on the net amount mined by its customers, it is clear that they use all their knowledge and skills to increase the profitability of each of the customers.

The advantage of mining is that its return tends to increase during bull cycles and with respect to the trend for years to come, investing in the crypto mining industry and Bitcoin seems a good opportunity. And whatever one thinks, it will always take miners to validate the transactions that take place between Bitcoin and cryptocurrency users.

Summit Mining’s credo is simple: A shared and community mining for a fair return between all. The team takes care of the resale of the machines before they lose value, in order to have a mining fleet that is always at the cutting edge of technology.

Unlike short-term traders and investors, miners do not care more than necessary about short-term prices, even if it affects their performance. If the electricity that powers the machines is not expensive, the machines will be profitable.

Shared Bitcoin mining, an investor’s magic formula?

If you are reading these lines I imagine you believe in the future value of Bitcoin and some of the bigger altcoins, mining should not be excluded in your diversification strategy.

You are winners in an uptrend as the attractiveness of cryptocurrencies grows, prices rise due to demand, and mining becomes more profitable. But you are also winners in a downtrend because the attractiveness in the market is lower, there are fewer miners and competition, you will earn more rewards and you will have passive income while waiting for the recovery.

Do you want to join a united French community, around an initiative that makes investment in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies accessible and as secure as possible? Join Summit Mining now!


And by signaling that you are coming from Cryptocurrencies, enjoy a warm welcome and a 33% reduction for 3 months on operating costs, which can pay off even faster!

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