Jim Bakkum and Smaakt launch the free digital kids cookbook Little Foodies

Little Foodies wants to be the kids’ cookbook full of delicious and especially accessible plant-based recipes. The cookbook will be released as part of the new Smaakt campaign ‘Together We Care #EveryBiteMatters’ and can be downloaded free of charge since October 2020 at or via the QR code on the packaging of a number of Smaakt products.

Little Foodies: Around the World in Dishes
The digital kids cookbook “Little Foodies, around the world in dishesContains 30 vegetable recipes. The e-book is divided into the continents Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia, North America and South America, so all kinds of flavors are covered. Think, for example, of hot dogs with seitan sausages, jackfruit, tikka masala and a vegan pea soup. The recipe was developed by Milou van der Will, who herself daily cooks vegetable for her three children and recently the cookbook Vegan East released. The dish and mood photography is by Lotte van der Zanden, aka Lott’s.

Kim Waninge, Smaakt brand manager at the Smaakspecialist: ‘With this e-book we mainly want to show how incredibly easy and delicious it can be to put a plant-based meal on the table more often. It is interesting and accessible to everyone, but mainly aimed at -parents and carers of the young eaters at the table. Especially for this generation it is important that we all alternate more often with and taste the vegetarian and vegetable cuisine. On the one hand, because organic and vegetable food have less of an impact on our planet compared to animal products such as meat and dairy. We simply can no longer afford – from various aspects – to continue to consume animal products with the entire world population to the enormous extent we do now. On the other hand, because it is good to inform this generation now about the power and necessity of good nutrition for a liveable world. Learned young, done old. ‘

Tastes & Jim Bakkum
For this new campaign, Smaakt has again sought cooperation with brand ambassador Jim Bakkum. ‘We see a long-term match with Jim because he has an affinity with healthy food and is also a real family man, which fits well with a brand like Smaakt. After all, organic and plant-based food is not only about the impact of food on your body and health, but also about sustainability and the world we leave behind for future generations, ‘says Waninge.

Jim Bakkum: ‘Apart from the fact that they have great products, I like what Smaakt stands for, the message they convey. With its range, Smaakt focuses on a more conscious and sustainable life, with a view to the future, so that all generations after us can also enjoy this planet. This new campaign was also a very educational process for me. I have discovered that the plant-based range can be extremely tasty and that vegan hot dogs are really not inferior to the meat variant. In addition, I really enjoyed recording the cooking videos in support of the kids cookbook. I just felt like Rudolph van Veen. Only the Brabant accent was missing. ‘

Together We Care #EveryBiteMatters
The new Smaakt campaign is aimed at “together”: Together We Care #EveryBiteMatters. It is about cooking and eating together as well as joining forces to deal better with our planet. Among other things, by eating more vegetable and organic food. Every bite counts! At Smaakt, a daily contribution is made to this by making organic products accessible, by expanding the vegetable range, by sharing knowledge about nutrition and sustainability through impact programs such as the KidsProef training program for groups 7 and 8 and by packaging our products in recyclable materials. Biobased foil.
(PvWK, photography: Lott’s)

Bakkum in action for a tomato container

About Smaakt
‘Smaakt is one of the brands of the Smaakspecialist, a Certified B Corporation®. The Smaakt range consists of over 300 organic products and is available in supermarkets in the Netherlands and abroad. The products are free from added refined sugars and more than 90% are vegetable. The focus is mainly on products for the pantry such as breakfast cereals, flours, legumes, nuts and seeds. There is also a vegan fresh food line with fresh meals and vegan substitutes for cheese and meat products. ‘
(source: Over Smaakt)

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