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Gasoline prices lower than they have been in years

Drivers are happy: Thanks to Corona 2020, refueling is cheaper than it has been for years. Photo: dpa / Christophe Gateau

2020 is one of the cheapest “tank years” since 2016, reports the ADAC. The reason for this is the corona crisis. The cheapest way to refuel is in the evening.

Munich – Driving has become cheaper in the Corona crisis: 2020 could be the cheapest “tank year” since 2016, and for gasoline even since 2006, the ADAC reported on Thursday in Munich. E10-Super is therefore this year with an average price of 1.266 euros so far by almost 14 cents per liter cheaper than last year, as is diesel with 1.126 euros. In the course of the day, fuel is cheapest between 6 and 10 p.m. in the evening.

Because of the Corona crisis, global oil consumption has fallen, as not only traffic, but also industry around the planet was largely restricted in phases in the spring. That pushed oil prices down – and with it the price of fuel. Car traffic has been rolling again for months, but the demand for oil has not yet reached the level it was before the crisis.

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