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Exclusively € 20 million for senior real estate – a new financial project

Project A founder Florian Heinemann.Saskia Uppenkamp

They got rich with start-up sales – but now many founders and investors also invest their assets in real estate. “I can’t put all the money into Amazon stocks and start-ups,” says Project A creator Florian Heinemann with a wink. “I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.” At the same time, it is no longer so easy to achieve good returns with real estate.

In the past two years, several Berlin scene heads have developed a concept that should continue to be worthwhile to get started with. The “Society for Sustainable Real Estate” buys apartments and houses from senior citizens. They can stay in their property until the end of their lives and pay a rent for it. Friendsurance founder Sebastian Herfurth, Project-A-Manager Anton Grabovski and Henryk Seeger, who runs and builds up the company, are behind the concept. The well-known financier Heinemann has just invested a six-figure amount.

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