Albert Heijn opens ultra-modern coffee roaster

Albert Heijn has been roasting coffee in its own coffee roaster for 125 years – as the only Dutch retailer. On Thursday 1 October, International Coffee Day, Albert Heijn takes a new step in its coffee expertise and the supermarket chain opens a brand new, ultramodern coffee roasting facility in Zaandam. The new roasting facility is the crowning glory of 125 years of coffee history within Albert Heijn. The investment in the new roaster is an investment in taste, quality and sustainability.

The new roasting facility contributes to reducing the climate footprint. This new roasting facility provides 14% less energy consumption and 13% less CO2 emissions. The emission of particulate matter is also reduced by 99% and the roasting plant uses 100% green electricity. Among other things, through the 1,500 solar panels on the roof of the roasting house.

‘This roasting facility is one of the most modern coffee roasters at the moment,’ says Marit van Egmond, CEO Albert Heijn, ‘Coffee is an incredibly important product in the Netherlands. On average, the Dutch drink between 3 and 5 cups of coffee per day. With our new innovative roasting facility, we can further improve the excellent taste and quality of our Perla coffee and do justice to it. So that our customers can enjoy the tastiest coffee. ‘

Coffee expert
As the only retailer with its own coffee roaster, Albert Heijn calls itself the coffee expert. ‘Coffee is a purely natural product, the taste of which depends on many factors. The country where the coffee comes from, the location of the plantation, the type of bean, the way it is harvested and ultimately how the coffee is prepared all influence the taste. The Albert Heijn coffee experts travel all over the world in search of the ‘gems’ of flavors and blends. They only take the most special home. All Albert Heijn coffee beans are UTZ Certified, and Fairtrade and organic coffee is also roasted. In this way, Albert Heijn customers are assured of tasty and honest coffee. ‘

Coffee history
At the end of 1895, founder Albert Heijn started his first coffee roaster in the laundry room behind his shop in Oostzaan. This ultimately led to today’s state-of-the-art coffee roasting company that roasts coffee for Albert Heijn in the Netherlands and Belgium and customers throughout Europe. The house brand Perla (derived from Spanish: Perla de Columbia, or: the pearl of Colombia) is a household name in the Netherlands. The complete coffee history of Albert Heijn can be seen in a specially developed exhibition on the website of the “Albert Heijn heritage” foundation. The annual Boon magazine offers a special about 125 years of coffee at Albert Heijn.


Coffee tasting room with the coffee expert from AH

The new factory

Visual explanation of AH and coffee

Facts and numbers
* Albert Heijn now has more than 100 different Perla products in its range. In addition to coffee beans and ground coffee, also coffee pads and cups.
* The Albert Heijn coffee roaster has developed the UTZ Certified quality mark in collaboration with coffee producers. An independent sustainability program that ensures compliance with social standards and environmental aspects.
125 employees of the Albert Heijn coffee roaster work every day on the best taste and quality.
* Albert Heijn’s coffee roaster roasts 19 million kilos of green coffee beans annually for 10 million kilos of ground coffee, 4 million kilos of bean coffee, 4 million coffee pods and 1 million coffee cups, accounting for more than 3 billion cups of coffee.
* About 55 percent of the roaster’s production is ground (filter) coffee, the most sold coffee.

(source: AH)


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