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The secret Tillhub exit

Tillhub claims to have 50 employees.PR

Mirko Hüllemann literally rattled through the list of his acquisitions in the FinanceFWD podcast: In the past few months he has taken over four companies with his payment company Heidelpay, which has recently been called Unzer – including the Berlin cash register system specialist Tillhub, whom Unzer “bought” the boss said.

Wait a second, bought it? So far it was known that the Heidelberg payment company had invested in Tillhub. According to the commercial register, Unzer currently owns just under 25 percent of the shares. But according to information from Finance Forward, a takeover is a planned scenario for the coming years, which is also contractually stipulated. First of all, Unzer has invested millions in the further growth of the company.

Finance Forward found out important details of the deal, which you are reading here today. You can register for the daily Finance Forward newsletter here.


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