New Heineken Book shows brand history in 100 objects and stories

The book has been published by the Heineken Collection. Remarkable tidbits, juicy anecdotes and poignant portraits sketch the personalities of 100 Heineken Stars: objects, posters, photos, films and works of art from the heritage collection that the brewer has collected from the 1970s onwards at the initiative of Alfred Heineken. The collection of the Heineken Collection has now grown to more than 120,000 tangible reminders of the company’s history.

The Heineken Collection, including the depot with a large part of the collection, is located in the Heineken Experience. Nearly 200 objects are on display in the Heritage Quarter and you can see exactly where a new building was built against the existing 1935 building in 1957. In the book ‘It could only be Heineken’ 100 items from the total collection are brought to life in a special way. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken’s personal favorite ‘star’ is the jug. This ‘Heineken & Co’ pitcher is an example of the very first consumer packaging material, used in 1864-1870 for the top-fermented beers from the Hooiberg range.

Find out everything about the ‘Heineken stars’
Curious about the brilliant invention with which founder Gerard Adriaan established the name Heineken? Ever heard of the grain horse or the yeast pear? And what does an old Dutch master do in the Heineken collection? The book provides all the answers and is the result of an exciting search for the historical stories that each object carries with it. Over time, Amsterdam zooms out to the Netherlands, Europe and eventually the entire world.

From tomorrow ‘It could only be Heineken‘available in Dutch bookstores and via the webshop of publisher WBooks for € 29.95 in both Dutch and English editions. The English edition of the book is for sale at the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam.


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