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Karin Hooijer (34) will start this week as head of marketing & sales at influencer marketing platform LinkPizza. She will be responsible for building the marketing and sales department and will focus on the branding, online marketing and events of the platform.

Hooijer previously worked for, among others, SBS Broadcasting (now Talpa TV) and RAI Amsterdam. LinkPizza is an online platform that makes influencer marketing ‘scalable and measurable’.

Hooijer had been involved with LinkPizza as an interim since June and is now a permanent part of the team. Hooijer: ‘LinkPizza’s DNA and mentality immediately appealed to me. It is a club with a lot of ambition and an enormous drive to become the largest influencer marketing platform in the world. I also find the creativity in this world inspiring, especially when it is combined with a good dose of tech and data. The company’s philosophy sums this up nicely; LinkPizza believes in synergy between human creation and smart technology. ‘

Klaas Joosten, CEO of LinkPizza, adds: ‘In the light of our international ambitions, I am pleased that we have found reinforcement. With the knowledge and experience that Karin brings, we can grow faster and make an accelerated step abroad. ‘


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