GfK research maps the diversity of bargain hunters

The increase in the number of online brochure consultations seems to be mainly due to the growing number of elderly people (50+) who have discovered online offering platforms. In the past six months, more than 2 million Dutch people visited an online folder app every month, where they viewed a total of 143 million folders and 48 million offers.

This and more is evident from the discount survey “Trends in the Dutch folder domain” presented today, for which research agency GfK, commissioned by, surveyed approximately 1,000 residents of the Netherlands aged 18 or older.

The Netherlands has a great diversity of types of bargain hunters
Based on the research results, GfK has mapped out five different types of bargain hunters. From impulsive online bargain hunters to sustainable rational buyers. While it used to be mainly young people who looked for a discount online, now it is mainly older people (50+) who visit online offer platforms. The “new” target group hopes that by looking for the best offers at home, they will be able to do their shopping as quickly and cheaply as possible.

The Dutch are willing to wait for a discount
More than 75 percent of the respondents say they really enjoy a good deal and therefore consciously wait with the purchase until there is a benefit. Almost the same number of people say that a discount “makes you feel good”. It is striking that 66 percent of the respondents indicate that they plan a large purchase well in advance and consciously wait to purchase until the benefit is available. 62 percent prefer to buy the product from the “well-known” retail chain and 38 percent prefer to buy from local entrepreneurs.

Paper leaflets will not be missed
While at the end of 2019 the search for a discount was still mainly carried out via ‘traditional’ information sources such as paper folders, this research report from GfK shows that the popularity of the traditional folder is declining considerably. Only 51 percent of the approximately 1,000 respondents indicate that they will miss the paper brochures when they disappear completely. The environmental aspect in particular is an important reason for 31 percent of the respondents to no longer wish to receive paper brochures and to look for discounts online.

Forced digitization
Jojanneke Wennekker, Campaign Manager, about the increasing popularity of the online search for discounts: ‘It is likely that digitization has accelerated due to the corona pandemic. If we look at our own user data, we see that the older target group in particular, which has been more home-bound since COVID-19 and can spend less time in the shopping street, has discovered which digital means and channels can make their new life easier. It is a shame that this transition has been accelerated by a sad situation, but hopefully it will be a change with a positive outcome for everyone. And especially for the retailers who can motivate consumers to visit their store via online offering platforms. ‘
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More results of the research can be found here: “Trends in the Dutch folder domain”.

About “Trends in the Dutch folder domain”
‘This survey was carried out by independent market research agency GfK among 992 residents of the Netherlands aged 18 or older. Questions have been asked about their background, attitudes and behavior towards offers, discounts and bargains. This report is an excerpt from a larger report, which further breaks down the segmentation within the Dutch folder domain into five folder types. The survey was conducted at the request of With 2 million users and more than 30 million brochure views per month, is the largest platform for digital advertising brochures and offers in the Netherlands. ‘

(source: Advertising brochure)


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