Daimler: Clearly ahead of Tesla in one area

As part of an industry study on car manufacturers, the analysts at Nord LB also rate Daimler’s papers. You give the southern German automaker a stop recommendation. The price target is EUR 43.00. The experts continue to give the entire automotive industry a “neutral” rating.

The study focuses on e-mobility. Tesla can shine with increasing numbers. However, the price has risen significantly in the past few months. Therefore, the study has given a sales recommendation for the Tesla papers. The price target is $ 130.00.

Tesla’s 2020e P / E is 142. At Daimler, the experts come to a P / E of 48.9. The experts at Daimler see earnings per share at 0.93 euros. They do not expect a dividend.

Daimler does not publish any separate figures on e-cars. But the aim is to achieve 15 percent of sales with e-cars in 2021, and the target for 2020 is 9 percent.

Daimler shares lose 0.4 percent today to 45.69 euros. At Tesla, Frankfurt is up 0.5 percent to 362.75 euros.


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