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Since their advent, cryptocurrencies and their various ramifications have not failed to arouse the interest of all. Government organizations have even recently distinguished themselves by their investigations in this area. As an example, we can cite the CIA. Recent information indicates the launch at its level, of a new network of research laboratories dedicated to Bitcoin (BTC), cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

CIA launches new network of cryptocurrency and blockchain labs

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recently announced the launch of a new network of labs to better study cryptocurrency and blockchain. These research and development laboratories are called CIA Labs. They are part of the Consortium of Federal Technology Transfer Laboratories. This consortium actually designates a national organization of more than 300 laboratories, research centers and federal agencies.

One of the purposes of creating this new network of laboratories is to solve problems related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. To achieve convincing results at this level, the CIA will rely on the research, testing and engineering work of a team of experts sufficiently equipped in this regard.

CIA Labs, new possibilities for action for the CIA in its research related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Research in CIA Labs are heavily blockchain-focused. They also affect other areas related to new technologies. By way of illustration, we can cite artificial intelligence, quantum computing and biosciences.

One of the benefits of researching CIA Labs is that for the first time CIA agents will be able to file patents on their work. In doing so, they will have the opportunity to receive a percentage of the profits from their activities.

Dawn Meyerriecks (the head of science and technology at the CIA) hopes these advances will be attractive enough to convince the crème de la crème of innovators to join the agency to collaborate with it. In this regard, she declared:

Of phenomenal innovations came from the CIA, over the years. And, with CIA Labs, we are now in a better position to optimize our investments in technological and scientific development. In a landscape prone to threats of all kinds, CIA Labs will help us protect our nation while staying one step ahead of the competition “.


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In the face of such a state of affairs, we can only acknowledge the CIA’s growing interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Will it be a source of upheaval in the cryptosphere? The days to come will tell us. And DeFi in all of this? The CIA passes its turn …


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