The best morning routines for successful managers

Symbolic picture: morning routines of successful people for normal mortals
A well-rehearsed morning routine can make it easier to start a good day.

For normal people, morning routine means: being woken from deep sleep by the alarm clock, brushing teeth, getting dressed, leaving the house. With business bosses, the whole thing is suddenly charged with symbolism. Her status elevates her morning routine to an instant recipe for success. But not every normal mortal like Richard Branson wakes up on a private Caribbean island or gets the coffee served on the treadmill by the butler. Nevertheless, you can take a look at one or the other from managers and company founders in order to start the day more productively.

Always stay realistic

J.K. Rowling usually hits the bull’s eye with her linguistic response to the headline “The world’s most successful people start their day at four o’clock”. “Oh, shut up,” tweeted the “Harry Potter” author.

Benjamin Spall has made morning routines his job. He is the founder of “Over the past five years I’ve interviewed more than 300 successful people about their morning routines,” Spall told the New York Times for their Smarter Living newsletter. Among them were business bosses, models, university rectors, Olympians and artists. The expert concluded: There is no one morning routine that works for everyone. But “there are best practices that some of the most successful people I have spoken to follow every day”.

Morning routines of successful people:

# 1 Try different alarm times

The bad news: yes, most of the people Spall interviewed get up early. The good news: the average wake-up time was 6:27 a.m. Many non-top managers also struggle out of bed. However, for understandable reasons, we tend to get up as late as possible. It often doesn’t even occur to you that it could work any other way. Successful people, on the other hand, are willing, according to Spall, to experiment with their wake-up times – that is, to get up earlier than “necessary”.

# 2 Start the day full of energy

For successful people, there is a third factor between “sleeping” and “arriving at work on time” that determines the wake-up time: a free space that serves your own well-being. The cleaning expert Marie Kondo, for example, told Spall that the first thing in the morning she opens the window wide and burns incense. That sounds a lot like Branson’s morning stroll on the Caribbean beach. But a buffer of time – no matter how small – can actually improve the quality of life in the early morning enormously. Ten minutes less sleep is hardly worth mentioning. To do this, they slow down and allow you to start the day with less stress.

# 3 Serenity

If the morning routine becomes a burden, something has gone wrong. “Almost everyone I interviewed does not consider it a failure if they skip their morning routine for a day, two or even three,” said Spall. The only important thing is that you get back to the helpful and tried-and-tested routine as soon as possible.

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