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When it comes to adopting cryptocurrency, most people take the simple shortcut of using it for the purchase of goods and services on a daily basis. However, there are many other situations in which its use is decisive. This is partly what Catherine Coley explained., CEO of the US subsidiary of Binance (BNB) in a recent position paper. The latter has just suggested that companies adopt more cryptocurrencies to better resist crises such as the one caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Explanations.

Companies that don’t consider integrating cryptocurrency are ignorant

With this statement, the current CEO of the US subsidiary of Binance intends to notify the companies concerned that they were missing out on a huge opportunity. The leader also explained in detail her vision of things during an interview with Joe weisenthal and Tracy Alloway. In this interview for the podcast Bloomberg Odd Lots, Mrs. Coley clearly linked the future of business to the adoption of cryptocurrencies. In addition, they would be able to offer uses beyond speculation in which investors could engage.

Mrs. Coley obviously cited the example of e-commerce transactions, but also mentioned the ability to boost applications like mortgages. Companies should therefore start to define services for which the use of cryptocurrency goes beyond the framework of a means of payment. The CEO of Binance US notably spoke about the role played by cryptocurrencies in the management of the recent crisis linked to the covid-19 pandemic. “If you’re building a business in the next five years and you don’t see digital assets as a component, you embark on this adventure out of ignorance. This is an adoption case that resists a pandemic She declared.

Many benefits that are underestimated

If some companies are still on the sidelines of this revolution, it is mainly because they have not yet realized the benefits to be derived from it. Mrs. Coley invites them to notice that cryptocurrencies have for example made conversations about money more digestible for the average person. Overall, it also allowed them to better approach negotiations with traditional finance professionals.

Without being financial experts, there are more people today interested in financial products especially when these involve cryptocurrency notes Binance US CEO. She said it was “a sector that reaches a very different audience than finance”, adding that ” there are so many benefits to adopting cryptocurrency that people underestimate “.

It would be difficult not to share the leader’s point of view given the arguments put forward. In addition to helping them obtain new capital, companies will find with cryptocurrencies a way to continue their activities in all circumstances. Will Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies find their adoption through businesses?


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