Siemens: Buy after the spin-off

Siemens Energy spun off yesterday. Since then, the previous subsidiary has been listed independently on the stock exchange. Siemens is still a major shareholder in Siemens Energy, but they also want to sell a large part of the remaining shares. The changed situation at Siemens must be taken into account in the analysts’ models.

The experts at Deutsche Bank are revising their model for the paper of the DAX group accordingly. There is also a buy recommendation for Siemens shares. However, due to the new corporate constellation, the target price drops from EUR 135.00 to EUR 123.00.

Siemens is simplifying the portfolio by leaving Siemens Energy. This also reduces the risks. The focus is now on three industrial areas: digital industry, smart infrastructure and mobility. You are well positioned here.

The spin-off also reduces the conglomerate discount at Siemens.

The shares of Siemens Energy today gain 5.4 percent to 22.35 euros. This is slightly above yesterday’s initial listing of 22.01 euros. Siemens’ papers lose 0.4 percent to 109.56 euros.


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