Regional products Flevoland are closer to consumers via Flevo’s Weelde

This is partly done on the basis of a bimonthly subscription to a ready-to-use three-course menu, put together by chef Peter Lute. He works with seasonal products from Flevoland. According to initiator Laurens Wognum, Flevo’s Weelde wants to draw attention to the importance of local and seasonal food.

According to Laurens Wognum, cooperation with local partners is essential: “We are therefore not a fancy start-up trying to quickly acquire market share. As a cooperative association, it is all about optimal cooperation with Flevoland farmers, craftsmen, restaurants, food processors and entrepreneurs. We are happy to work with strong regional partners who want to participate. “

The foundation of Flevo’s Weelde stems from the strongly growing interest in the origin of our food. The story about local regional products is becoming increasingly topical. Flevoland has a wide range in-house in that regard. With products that score excellently not only domestically but also in Europe. The quality of these products can partly be explained by the many healthy raw materials in the relatively young fields of Flevoland.

Laurens Wognum says about his motivation to found Flevo’s Weelde: “I combine my professional background as a concept and brand creator with a great love for nature, culture and cooking. I saw how much Flevoland has to offer and in my search for supporters I ended up with chef Peter Lute, Martijn de Groot, Martinus Riepma and Richard Haeck. Together, through educational events and workshops, we want to increase awareness about where food comes from and how it is produced. Flevo’s Weelde can function as a purchasing combination that primarily obtains regional products from its affiliated members and pays a better price than the regular wholesaler. “

Flevo’s Weelde provides consumers and entrepreneurs with information about the origin, processing and processing of food from Flevoland, partly on the basis of training and inspiration sessions. For example, about sustainable preservation, fermentation, preservation and storage. Farmers who participate in Flevo’s Weelde also grow special products based on the wishes of the consumer. In addition to the basic assortment, products can be offered that, for example, are available to a limited extent due to a longer ripening time, such as cheeses or sauerkraut.

A subscription to the three-course menus of Flevo’s Weelde, composed by chef Peter Lute, can be canceled monthly. It is a vegan menu, but meat, game and / or fish from Flevoland are also possible. One can own the menu at home based on a handy instructional video finishing touch to provide.
(PvWK, photo: Milo Dinkelaar)

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