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Moderator, actress, fashion designer, singer – Verona Pooth can do it all and more. In the 1990s, she was doing commercials for telegate and Iglo known. The slogan “There you will be helped” even made it into the Duden. Being an advertising icon was very unusual at a time when other celebrities were reluctant to appear in front of the camera for companies. Verona Pooth went all out: “I was the first to sign ten advertising contracts at the same time.” Others said it couldn’t go well. Nevertheless: “My greatest financial success has always been the advertising contracts.”

Would you have had just as much success without her looks? “It wouldn’t have gone any differently,” said the former Miss Germany. “I would have been just as successful.” Without that title, of course, she adds. “In my opinion, success comes 100 percent out of the head. You yourself have a power, energy, an idea in yourself. ”But someone also has to set an example in their youth, she says. Verona had her mother by her side.

“Money is not everything, but I learned from my mother that money is important,” says Verona Pooth. However, not to buy luxury items, but to be able to help. “I was only able to finance my mother with what I achieved. I’m more proud of it than of a sports car. “

Verona is one thing through and through: a good businesswoman. Her estimated net worth is 20 million euros. She remembers her 29th birthday. “I got a call from my bank. You would like to make an appointment with me, because I would have reached a seven-figure figure. ”It took the Bolivian native a moment to understand what that means. “No, that can’t be the case.”

In the new episode of “My First Million”, she tells Ronja von Rönne what Verona Pooth bought from her first million and how she managed to get through her book tour despite her weak reading.

Our interview series “My First Million” is now also available as a podcast. It will appear every Wednesday on Audible starting August 19th. The entire season with 24 episodes costs 9.95 euros. It’s free for Audible subscribers. Guests of the first episodes are:

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