Jumbo Radio with its own DJ

The first broadcast started this morning with an interview with Frits van Eerd, CEO of Jumbo.

Music is the single most important ingredient of Jumbo Radio, which aired non-stop music for the first time in 2018. The music is cheerful, positive and with a nice tempo and is constantly supplemented and renewed.

Jumbo’s radio station started two years ago to make shopping even more fun.

Since then, Jumbo has not only stimulated the senses in its stores with taste, smell and color, but also with sound. With this new step, in which Kristel and Daniël provide interaction with colleagues and customers, Jumbo Radio increases the atmosphere in the workplace.

“Shopping in our stores is becoming more and more fun. Especially now that Jumbo Radio is broadcasting directly from our brand new Jumbo studio at our head office in Veghel. With our own DJs, great music and live broadcasts, we create even more atmosphere in our stores and a pleasant environment for our colleagues and customers, “says Frits van Eerd. “In Europe, Jumbo is the first supermarket with its own radio station. I am therefore very proud that Kristel and Daniël have joined Jumbo Radio. They make a party every day in the studio and therefore also in shops and in the distribution centers. “

It is really a different way of making radio with a very nice starting point

Kristel van Eijk has a lot of experience in making radio and worked as a DJ at SLAM! FM and Qmusic, among others, and she is also a much sought-after voice-over. In 2012 Van Eijk received the Silver Radio Star for the Best Radio Woman of the Year. At Jumbo Radio she will be heard every working day between 9.30 am and 12.30 pm. “It’s really a different way of making radio with a very sympathetic premise. Every week we can make almost 100,000 colleagues and millions of customers happy with our music and programs. “

“We are embarking on a beautiful new adventure. It is the beginning of a new form of radio making, but this is really the future. We get the opportunity to pioneer here and of course we grasp it with both hands, “adds Daniël Smulders. He has been working for radio for over twenty years and is known as a radio host at QMusic, he is also a voice-over on radio and television, such as with Discovery Channel. At Jumbo Radio, Daniël will take care of the afternoon program between 4 and 7 pm.


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