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FinanceFWD podcast “If you want zero risk, you mustn’t invest in real estate”

Exporo CEO Simon Brunke.PR

There have been better news stories for Simon Brunke. The founder of Exporo has had to fight bad news for months: at the beginning of the year, the financial scene reported about payment delays in several real estate projects; A recent podcast from Deutsche Startups said that a headhunter was looking for a new management team for Exporo because the merger with Zinsland, the number two in the market, had gone wrong.

Brunke faces criticism in the FinanceFWD podcast. He promises to remain in charge of Exporo. In order to avoid delayed repayments, his company is working on selecting the real estate projects even more strictly. The Hamburg-based company recently made its performance more transparent with a so-called performance record – but without naming the specific projects.

In the FinanceFWD podcast, Brunke talks about …

… the question of whether headhunters are looking for a new Exporo management
… the business figures that are below plan
… communication in the event of payment delays
… the expansion into other countries
… the use of blockchain technology

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