TUI share: Don’t be too early! – Chart analysis

TUI’s shares are clearly in the plus today – the paper is currently quoted at 3.109 euros, 4.75 percent above the XETRA closing price on Friday. But technically there is still no reason to call the price rally. With the rise to EUR 3.147, which has now reached EUR 3.147, and at the current price level, a resistance level between EUR 3.10 / EUR 3.16 and the recently opened downward gap of EUR 3.15 / 3.19 will not be overcome – let alone the one just above it Hurdle zone around 3.26 / 3.34 euros.

Without the breakout, it will be a matter of time before the TUI share comes under pressure again. This can be dangerous because there are important technical chart support marks nearby – new sell signals threaten. Nearby are the crash lows of the TUI share from this “Corona year” between EUR 2.73 / EUR 2.88 and EUR 2.42, which represent strong support zones. If there were new sell signals here, these would be massive. Therefore: Do not be too early to look forward to the current price increase, because in terms of chart technology this has so far not caused any change in the starting position.


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