PodcastJörg Rocholl: “The will to continue training is unbroken”

ESMT President Jörg Rochollimago images / Jens Jeske

Since mid-September, students from around 40 nations have been studying again in the heart of Berlin, at the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), which is located opposite the new palace in the former GDR State Council building. “It is wonderful that Germany has opened its doors to students from all over the world,” said Jörge Rocholl, President of ESMT since 2011, in the podcast “Zero Hour”.

The renowned business school, which is one of the top 10 in Europe with its advanced training programs, describes the new courses as “blended learning”: 80 percent take place online, 20 percent are face-to-face. “Currently, only half of the students can sit in the classrooms,” reported Rocholl. The other half is at home alternately. In the classrooms, areas were even marked for the professors, “like a coaching zone in football”.

The crisis brought “capacities into the basement”, said Rocholl – as at all business schools worldwide. These fight for their courses and further education programs, because they live from the internationality – and from the fees, which are often financed by companies. In many countries such as the USA with well-known universities and business schools, entry is currently not possible or is difficult. “The will of the individual to train themselves, the will of the companies to train their managers, is unbroken,” said Rocholl.

In close consultation with the Foreign Office and the European Union, Germany is going its own way. “We can possibly use this as a locational advantage,” said Rocholl. “There are leading universities like Oxford or Cambridge that have canceled face-to-face operations for the whole year. However, students want to be present at least in part. In this crisis we can show that our country also has world-class institutions. “

ESMT Berlin was founded in 2002, around 3500 executives and managers take part in the training programs every year. The business school offers various programs for MBA (Master of Business Administration), but also tailor-made advanced training. The students and alumni come from over 70 countries.

Now hear in the new episode of “Die Null”,

  • why there are now “yellow cards” in the ESMT class
  • how the corona crisis became part of the curriculum,
  • what topics the students from all over the world deal with.

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