No Man’s Land portrays famous creatives in quiet Amsterdam

Today No Man’s Land sees the light of day: a short film about corona and hope, starring eleven well-known Amsterdammers, including Henk Schiffmacher, Noa Wildschut and Olivia Lonsdale (photo).

Photo by Nick van Tiem.

The short film (8 minutes) should show ‘the vulnerable and penetrating monologues’ that we conduct with ourselves in times of silence. Initiator Christiana Rigaud produced the film in collaboration with production house Eyeforce and a “20-member occasional collective”, including director Shueti and cinematographer Thomas Buelens. The film was screened at Cinetree last month and the online launch takes place today.

The film shows the thoughts of the eleven characters in various deserted places in Amsterdam, such as the Concertgebouw, the Red Light District and the Tropeninstituut. For example, we see tattoo king Henk Schiffmacher building a bridge to the past when AIDS broke out. Actress Olivia Lonsdale thinks about the past, when her grandfather was born during the war. Hanna Verboom, also an actress, talks about the African concept of Ubuntu, which means that we do not think in terms of ‘I’, but in ‘we’.

Christiana Rigaud says: ‘If fate knocks everything out of our hands and even sweeps our streets, what will happen? What news do we discover, in ourselves and in the world around us? The creation of No Man’s Land exudes this thought. ‘

Watch the movie below:

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