Always donates to Food Banks and Kinderhulp versus menstrual poverty

The study builds on an earlier study ** of menstrual poverty that Plan International conducted in 2019.

The shame of talking about periods and the fear of admitting not having enough money keep the topic under the radar.

‘We speak of menstrual poverty when a woman or girl does not have the money to buy the resources she needs to get through her period hygienically and confidently,’ explains Caroline Hoefsloot of Always. ‘We are running this campaign against menstrual poverty worldwide and notice that it is often seen as a problem that only occurs in developing countries. However, that is not the reality: in the Netherlands more than 25,000 girls and young women miss classes because they have no money for sanitary towels or tampons, which means they miss out on valuable opportunities. Always therefore donates sanitary pads to the National Fund for Child Care and Food Banks in the Netherlands to combat this menstrual poverty and makes this subject a topic for discussion through an awareness campaign.

Newspapers, socks, and wads of toilet paper
The Plan International study “Bloedserieus” conducted in June 2019 showed that girls in the Netherlands sometimes have no money for sanitary towels or tampons. Always’s research builds on this by showing how many girls and young women sometimes even miss school lessons due to a lack of funding for menstrual products. The survey also shows that 1 in 33 girls and women has had to choose between buying sanitary pads or tampons and other groceries. They then use alternative solutions such as newspapers, socks or wads of toilet paper to collect the menstrual blood. These difficulties often take place in silence: almost half of these girls and young women say they do not discuss this with anyone. Of the girls and young women who sometimes have no money for sanitary towels or tampons, more than 1 in 5 indicated that they did not dare to ask others for sanitary towels or tampons.

Fighting menstrual poverty with the help of Kinderhulp and Food Banks Netherlands
For Always it was important to join Kinderhulp and Food Banks Netherlands and donate sanitary pads for the young women and girls who need them most. With this, Always fights against menstrual poverty. Pien de Ruig, Communications Board Member of Food Banks Netherlands: ‘The food banks help the poorest find food. However, we are very happy with this donation of sanitary pads and welcome the fact that Always wants to create awareness on this important topic. We serve many families every day, including girls and young women who may not be able to afford period products. We therefore greatly appreciate that we can offer them packs of sanitary towels this autumn. ‘

Buy and donate
To contribute to tackling this problem, Always will be donating products to Food Banks Netherlands and Kinderhulp this autumn. Always donates a product for every pack of sanitary pads purchased at Kruidvat between September 22 and November 2, 2020. Food Banks Netherlands issues the sanitary towels from its issuing points to women who indicate that they have a need for them. Kinderhulp uses the donation to provide girls with sanitary pads for a longer period, so that they no longer have to worry about this. In order to make menstrual poverty a topic of discussion, Always also calls attention to the subject via a TV commercial and various social media channels with the hashtag #StopMenstruatieArmoede.
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* Quantitative research by Notes, on behalf of Always. Carried out in July 2020 among a group of 1,062 women aged 12-25 years.
** Quantitative research carried out on behalf of Plan International. Carried out in June 2019 among a group of 1,037 women aged 12-25 years.

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