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This week in the ByKep Weekly News, we take another look at Bitcoin adoption from another perspective. Indeed, this adoption that we feel more and more prevalent in a society in search of a new trustworthy currency in the now digital world is presented in various examples that we have mentioned in this article. First, we noted that, this week, the American company Microstrategy persists and signs by repurchasing several thousand Bitcoins again. On the other hand, the number of Bitcoin distributors has never been higher in the world, it is indeed more than 10,000 machines ready to give you access to the gate of paradise with a capital B like Bitcoin.

Microstrategy buys Bitcoin again: 17,000 Bitcoins worth approximately $ 175 million

In 2013, while fans of the first hour (or rather the second) were already rushing to the Bitcoin to build up capital in digital currency which will become essential in a few years, the CEO of Microstrategy was much more skeptical about the future of Bitcoin. At the time, while many shared his opinion, some, more visionaries, were able to build real fortunes by buying Bitcoin at a price that could be considered ridiculous compared to the current price. As a reminder, the Bitcoin price of 2013 was around $ 1,000, about 10 times lower than today. Sometimes you have to know how to get started at the time of “early adopters”.

As the saying goes, “It’s only fools who don’t change their mind ”. This was the case with the CEO of Microstrategy. Indeed Michael Saylor, this year operated a 180 degree turnaround on the issue of Bitcoin. A change of mind that immediately materialized in action because in August of this year 2020 the company specializing in economic intelligence and corporate advice surprised the entire crypto and Bitcoin ecosystem by announcing that it had invested in more than 21,000 Bitcoins worth $ 250 million. Microstrategy will go down in history as the first US company listed on the Nasdaq to make such an investment in Bitcoin.

This week, the American company, through the voice of its CEO, persists and signs when its position on Bitcoin. Once you get a taste of Bitcoin it is difficult to move on, it is the feeling that dominates the premises of the firm that has again bought for over 16,000 Bitcoins worth $ 175 million. Bitcoin has thus become the number one currency in store of value in Microstrategy’s coffers. Goodbye to the mountains of cash which has constantly lost value in a context of permanent inflation in recent years and therefore welcome to Bitcoin and at its growing course every year.

Interviewed recently by crypto expert Anthony Pompliano, Michael Saylor admitted regretting his skeptical Bitcoin tweet from 2013. Today he is clearly in favor of Bitcoin as his company’s number one store of value. He was able to convince the board of directors that Bitcoin provided a better store of value than cash but also gold. So, is this the start of a new era for Bitcoin, that of its massive adoption in the coffers of large international corporations? In any case, he has strong assets that can work in his favor in this scenario. To be continued, on thecointribune but also in our ByKep news videos!


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

Over 10,000 Bitcoin ATMs around the world!

When you are new to Bitcoin, one of the main difficulties that you may encounter is making the notion of Bitcoin cryptocurrency “tangible”. Bitcoin ATMs, recognizable by their orange color, thus increase their territorial domination a little more each day on the planet because everyone should be able to access Bitcoin as we can withdraw cash almost ready at every street corner today. hui. Please note that the Bitcoin distributor will not offer you Banknotes but many bitcoins automatically transferred to your digital wallet.

A movement more trendy than ever, at a time when the covid seems to be dealing a final fatal blow to physical cash as we have known. Bitcoin thus appears to be the ideal alternative to have digital cash allowing payments to be made in physical or online stores that accept them, and there are more and more of them.

So where can you find a bitcoin distributor? There are two solutions available to you for this: the first is to look at the list presented on the “CoinATMRadar” map which lists more than 10,014 distributors around the world. The majority of these distributors are found in the USA, where there are more than 7,000. In France, there are only about ten.

The second solution to obtaining Bitcoins through human contact and not through a machine is to go through the Bitcoin ByKep service. Indeed, today ByKep has chosen to make Bitcoin accessible in France and in Europe through tobacconists and local shops. And here the numbers are much more important, more than 10,000 Keplerk affiliated distributors are present in France. In other words, by opting for BitcoinByKep, you can literally buy it on every corner! Download the Keplerk app and visit to learn more.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

We hope these examples have given you a better understanding of why Bitcoin is fast becoming a must-have for businesses and individuals around the world. In the meantime, we’ll let you take a look at the Keplerk Youtube channel to find more news related to the adoption of Bitcoin. See you next week for more ByKep crypto news!

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