USU Software wants to overcome the 100 million euros

The pandemic brought some new customers to USU Software. The southern Germans reacted quickly to the changed situation and made various offers that were accepted by the market. In the spring, many call centers and telephone exchanges, for example those of municipalities, were overloaded. Some remedies could be found with chatbots from USU. These chatbots were able to answer many standard inquiries without putting any further strain on the capacity of call centers. According to USU, chatbots can achieve an automation potential of more than 70 percent. The bottom line was that 10 new customers could be won. This could be found out on the virtual IR trip from Rüttnauer Research.

Otherwise, the negative consequences of the pandemic were only felt sporadically at USU. Around 50 percent of customers come from the public administration and finance sectors; there were hardly any corona effects here. USU only generates 6.4 percent of all sales with the automotive and aviation sectors, which are particularly hard hit.

So it is not surprising that USU Software expects sales to increase in 2020. While the company generated 95.63 million euros in the previous year, it should be a little over 100 million euros in 2020. The adjusted EBIT should reach at least the previous year’s level.

In the medium term, the aim is to increase sales by around 10 percent annually. The EBIT margin should be between 13 percent and 15 percent in 2024. Most recently it was 7 percent. So here a doubling is sought.

The topic of acquisitions is also on the agenda at USU in these times. You look around both at home and abroad. It is important for society to acquire interesting technologies. You want to build on that. This should not fail because of the finances. At the end of June, liquid funds were 19.2 million euros. If necessary, one would also be prepared to take out a loan for an interesting acquisition. A capital increase, however, is not really considered. This could dilute the existing shareholders – this is not absolutely desired.

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