Quorn joins the Vegan Cowboys fungus quest

‘We are proud that this category is increasingly able to occupy an important position within the food sector. Tasty and healthy food, without the need for animals and without much agricultural impact, ‘says Nathalie Schuijlenburg on behalf of the food brand,’ Quorn knows all about this: for decades we have been making meat-free, super-healthy protein products based on a fungus called Mycoprotein. Due to the low eco-footprint, we consciously help the planet with this. In this way – together with initiatives such as those of Those Vegan Cowboys – we ensure that as many people as possible can continue to eat sustainably, healthy and tasty. Below our response to Those Vegan Cowboys, with an entry published in the Volkskrant. ‘

What is Mycoprotein?
The Mycoprotein in Quorn is a so-called “super protein”: a protein-rich, sustainable food source full of fiber, low in saturated fat and without cholesterol. Pretty nutritious… And that was exactly the intention when Mycoprotein was developed. The origin of the superprotein Mycoprotein stems from an increasing concern about the predicted growth of the world population. This growth, the Quorn founders believed, could lead to global food shortages and widespread famine. Quorn still uses the old process of fermentation – the same process that has been used to make bread, beer and yogurt for centuries – to make Mycoprotein. And because Mycoprotein uses 90% less farmland and water than most animal protein sources, it is a good example of a more sustainable and nutritious source of protein for the growing world population, according to Quorn. In Those Vegan Cowboys’ quest, the brand now apparently recognizes one soulbrother.

Copy of Quorn advertisement in de Volkskrant

Hey vegan cowboys, yes, let’s help our planet!

Dear vegan cowboys,

We saw your appeal and reward of 2.5 million euros in the newspaper the day before yesterday. At Quorn, we’ve been making meat-free, super-healthy protein products based on fungus, a simple fungal organism, for decades. The big advantage in addition to health is that we consciously help the planet through a low eco-footprint. Because our proteins are not animal-based or heavily reliant on agricultural land. Our minced meat, our burgers and our vegan nuggets find their way to consumers who know that it is tasty, extremely nutritious and better for the planet.

We work together to improve our planet. Each from his own strength. With us, this is the super protein Mycoprotein, the fungus that is therefore more sustainable than many other meat-free products. Good luck with your search for that “fast fungus”. To have as many people as possible eat sustainably.

Greetings from Quorn, the discoverer of tasty, healthy, sustainable fungi


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