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When in January 2019 Gods Unchained launches its presale, a simple research is enough to understand the seriousness of the project.
Maps drawn by the former artistic director of Magic: The Gathering, support from Coinbase, a $ 15M fundraiser, an ambitious roadmap… all the elements were in place to have a game worthy of the name. The promise was significant: each of the cards played would be Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), with the possibility of obtaining them while playing and reselling them afterwards. Enough to attract players as a trader, but the challenge for the Immutable team was: how do you strike a balance with card characteristics that are … immutable?


entrance arena

Genesis & Core

The answer to the question is simple: In the beginning the cards were not NFTs. The purchased packs did show the cards in the player’s account, but only in the game, not in the wallet linked to the account (any idea what an NFT is? Update here).

This first series of cards was called “Genesis”And a lot of adjustments took place during the first few weeks. Once the team was sure they were going, they ended up minter all Genesis cards in the game and by sending them to players.

Although one would have thought it would clog the network EthereumThis was absolutely not the case and everything went smoothly.

The second series of cards was called “Core”. The only way to get them for months on end was to play to level up and get a pack of these cards as a reward.

Although usable in the game, it was not possible to buy or sell them in a secondary market.

Players were therefore encouraged to play to get them, hoping to find THE card that could complete their deck by luck.


Flux & Forge

Then a new update arrived: the possibility of mining the Core cards yourself thanks to the Forge of the game. However, two prerequisites were necessary:

  • Have at least two identical Core cards
  • Have enough “Flux”

When these conditions were met, the creation of the card could be done and it would then appear in your wallet. From a normal card, it gained a rarity level, opening up the possibility of trading it in a secondary market.

Only one problem arose quite quickly: the amount of transaction fees. Because we are in April 2020, and the costs are going up! Faced with this rise in prices, the team decided to deactivate the Forge, which has since been still extinct.

In the end, this is not really a problem because it is always possible to accumulate Fluxes and Core cards while waiting for the day when the Forge will restart. What’s the point ?


A story of quality …

There are several quality levels of Gods Unchained cards:

  • Normal: only exists in the game
  • Meteorite
  • Shadow
  • Gold
  • Diamond

In addition to making the cards look nicer, these quality levels guarantee a higher or lower price for your cards.

The interesting aspect has to do with the Forge. Indeed, as it was possible to convert a “normal” card to “Meteorite”, it was a safe bet that it would one day be possible to transform a “Meteorite” card into “Shadow”. Maybe it’s just postponed?


golem hairspring

Although the price of the “Diamond” cards is significantly higher than their little sister “Meteorite”, it is nevertheless interesting to note that this remains the usefulness of the card which will really determine its final price.

A “Diamond” card that no one uses will ultimately be worthless, except for the collection.

Scorpion golem

And of rarity!

In addition to their quality level, another characteristic of cards is their rarity level. Here too, several levels must be taken into account:

  • Commune
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

As you can imagine, the higher the rarity, the more interesting the characteristics of the card will be.

The small peculiarity is in the “Mythical” cards. Indeed, their power literally impacts everyone. gameplay Of the game.


For example, Hyperion will turn all cards in both players’ decks into identical monsters with the same strength and health at a cost of 1 in mana.

They only exist in a single copy and the means of obtaining them are quite variable. The first was by chance in a pack, the second was put up for auction….



The “Trial of the Gods” expansion launched in September 2020 and brings with it a host of new cards. In the same way that the “Genesis” set was launched, there is first a first phase of testing and balancing the cards which is determined based on player feedback.

The powers of the gods have also been modified to allow a better balance of the parties.

There are still updates to put in place for Gods Unchained, such as IMX, which will make it possible to forge and exchange cards at a lower cost or to correct persistent bugs in the game.

Atlantean robot

The possibility of being able to play the game thanks to the pre-built decks will allow you to win your first packs completely for free but make no mistake about it: if you want to perfect your deck and reach the higher levels of play (and therefore, earn better rewards), you will have to go through a secondary market.

Indeed, some “Genesis” cards are very powerful, and the only way to get them is to buy them …


If you are interested in Trading Card Games and don’t want to miss the boat, don’t hesitate to take a look at the Gods Unchained store! Transaction fees are pretty low right now …


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