Brita attacks Sodastream – with its own CO2 cartridges

More and more people are using soda makers – mostly from Sodastream. But the market leader is now facing stiff competition. The filter manufacturer Brita is preparing to enter the booming market

The filter manufacturer Brita relies even more on sparkling water. The family company from Taunusstein near Wiesbaden said it signed a purchase contract for Filltech from Warburg on Tuesday. With around 130 employees, Ostwestfalen specializes in the filling of standard CO2 cartridges for sparkling water and also builds industrial filling systems and pump systems.

The bubblers are becoming more and more popular as small appliances in private households as an alternative to mineral water. Years of legal disputes over the refilling of the necessary CO2 cylinders existed between the market leader Sodastream and competitors. The Federal Cartel Office and courts finally enforced the use of third-party cylinders in Sodastream devices.

Filltech cartridges are available from Edeka as a private label

The cylinders filled by Filltech are sold under the Edeka own brand, among other things. According to the announcement, Filltech is number two in Europe behind Sodastream when it comes to fillings. The company’s annual turnover was most recently around 20 million euros.

The planned takeover is still subject to an antitrust review by the EU. Brita is active in drinking water optimization around the world and, with almost 2,000 employees, had a turnover of around 548 million euros in the past financial year. The Hessen company has products for private households as well as large-scale users on offer and has been a customer for Filltech cylinders so far. The company did not provide any information on its own profit or the takeover price.

All Filltech employees should be taken over and the Warburg location expanded, announced Brita boss Markus Hankammer. You are now entering the booming mass market for refillable soda makers with an excellent base.


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