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The fight for the new assault rifle

Subject of dispute between Heckler & Koch and the Ministry of Defense: The HK 416 rifle – here in the hand of a Norwegian soldier. Photo: PRT Meymaneh

The next rifle of the Bundeswehr should no longer come from Heckler & Koch. CEO Jens Bodo Koch nevertheless spreads optimism: The company reports full order books, new developments and 25 million euros investment in the machinery.

Stuttgart – The Oberndorfer handguns manufacturer Heckler & Koch (HK) has announced new products in five weapon categories and is banking on growth: “The prototypes are already being tested in four categories,” said HK boss Jens Bodo Koch during an editorial visit to our newspaper . The development progress focused on weight, caliber, energy in the tube. He could not give more precise information about the new products, however, since the potential first-time customers are special forces from armies and police authorities with their respective confidentiality concerns.

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